Aviation Without Borders and Transcendent Aerospace Partner to Create a Game-Changing State-of-the-Art Medical Support Evac Jet

Aviation Without Borders USA (AWB-USA) and Transcendent Aerospace, Inc. (TA) have partnered to create a game-changing state-of-the-art medical support evac jet specifically designed for post-disaster and hostile operating environments. With decades of experience operating in crisis situations, AWB-USA CEO Kevin Noone believes this aircraft's unique design and interchangeable formats will provide specialized emergency air services with unparalleled evacuation capabilities.

Retired USAF test pilot Colonel James Stewart, who has extensively tested and flown the aircraft, commented that "This disruptive aircraft's capabilities offer a group like Aviation Without Borders the ability to extend their life-saving missions to hostile environments with greater confidence due to enhanced crew and occupant safety, and significantly reduced operating costs."

This proven jet platform is capable of taking off and landing on short or unimproved runways and has an impressive payload of 3,000 lbs., requiring minimal ground support infrastructure. In addition, it can be airborne in as little as 60 seconds including lighting the engines. Moreover, these jets can provide vital communication support in blackout environments caused by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or Corona Mass Ejection (CME).

According to TA's spokesperson Kerry Leppo, the team has worked tirelessly to ensure rapid deployment and a significant increase in the aircraft's performance, safety, and capability. The aircraft's fuselage has been encapsulated with Holistic Individual Protection materials, and all necessary antennas and sensors have been enclosed within the aircraft's structure. Furthermore, the aircraft can be containerized in a standard 40 ft shipping container, allowing for swift transportation to any theatre of operation. This aircraft is truly a one-of-a-kind platform.

This aircraft will be a game-changer for Last Mile Air operators like AWB-USA in their mission to provide critical emergency relief and medical support in an increasingly challenging world. The partnership between TA and AWB-USA has resulted in an innovative aircraft that meets the demands of post-disaster and hostile operating environments.

Contact Information:
Kerry Leppo
[email protected]
508 566-5212

Kevin Noone
CEO -Aviation Without Borders

Original Source: Aviation Without Borders and Transcendent Aerospace Partner to Create a Game-Changing State-of-the-Art Medical Support Evac Jet
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