Revolutionary Augmented Reality Concert Experience Unveiled by tagSpace for Upcoming TV Series ‘Melody’

'Melody' Takes the Stage in the Mixed-Reality Metaverse

Melody Augmented Reality Concert Experience

Melody and Layla Avatars on Augmented Reality Stage

Australian tech company tagSpace will support Warner Music Group and Trinity Entertainment in the upcoming release of the Spanish-language, young adult musical series "Melody," premiering Feb. 22, 2023, on Amazon Prime.

Melody is a cross-collaboration between Warner Music Entertainment, Warner Chappell Music, Warner Music Latina, and Trinity Entertainment.

Presenting at the show's launch event at Content Americas in Miami, tagSpace CEO and founder Paul Martin will demonstrate how Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way in which we consume digital content and promote entertainment properties through immersive experiences that play out in real-world environments. 

Within the tagSpace mobile app, fans will experience a front-row seat at a Melody concert, with 3D digital-scanned avatars of the show's stars Melody and Layla performing their duet "Without You." Free to download and available worldwide, the Melody Augmented Reality zone will be part of a social media campaign that encourages fans to interact, film and share their Melody concert experience with their friends. Prizes for the best entries will be awarded by the show's sponsors, Gibson and Epiphone.

Paul Martin, tagSpace's founder and CEO, said, "As leaders in location-based AR, we have enabled dozens of use-cases around the world; we have helped people find each other, their cars, food & beverage and merchandise at music festivals and sports events; we have given people self-guided tourism experiences; and powered city-wide scavenger hunts. This Melody Augmented Reality show is a new experience in our real-world metaverse, which will be live and available simultaneously at spaces all across the planet. We are excited to see the locations that users choose to capture their unique Melody Augmented Reality experiences. That's one of the unique advantages of AR vs VR — that the same content can look and feel completely different depending on where it is experienced in the real world."

"As with everything, we have to stay in touch with the world, and my kids remind me of this every day. The way we understand and digest content — it's so dramatically different now. With tagSpace, we're creating dynamic and innovative augmented reality experiences that allow us to speak to this new generation, and help us reach new, younger audiences in truly fascinating ways," remarks Jose Luis Pagan, Melody show creator and producer.

The tagSpace App is available to download on both Apple Store and Google Play via this link:

About tagSpace 

tagSpace Pty Ltd. ( is a technology start-up composed of video-game industry veterans and founded by CEO Paul Martin, who was responsible for delivering video game engine technologies to companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony and Capcom. tagSpace provides a mixed-reality, location-based platform for creating interactive, social experiences running on mobile and wearable hardware, bringing the digital metaverse to the real world. 

About Melody

Warner Music Entertainment, Warner Chappell Music, Warner Music Latina, and Trinity Entertainment present Melody, a 13-episode Spanish-language, young adult musical series, premiering Feb. 22, 2023, on Amazon Prime. Melody, sponsored by Gibson Guitar Brands and shot in both Miami and Buenos Aires, is a coming-of-age, young adult dramedy inspired by the real-life stories of Yas Gagliardi and Sarah Lenore as emerging, successful recording artists. 


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