NewOrg Exhibiting at 2023 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering on Capitol Hill

Cloud-based data management platform for nonprofits to be introduced to Catholic Social services groups from across the United States at this year's gathering.

NewOrg Management System, a leading data management software company serving not-for-profit organizations, today announced that they will be attending the 2023 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. This prestigious event brings together leaders and experts from across the Catholic social services community to discuss important issues and share best practices. This year's event will be held from Jan. 28 through Jan. 31, 2023, and features guest speakers, workshops with experts in policy and community building, exhibits, and advocacy visits from members across the nation.  

"NewOrg has been partnering with remarkable faith-based human services organizations for over 15 years. We are super excited to be participating in the Catholic Social Ministry Conference in Washington DC next week, where we'll have a chance to speak with local community experts and hear about all of the important and innovative efforts underway." 

- David Crouch, Founder, NewOrg Management System 

As a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to help nonprofits thrive and grow, NewOrg Management System seeks to expand their services through the Catholic Social Services community. Current NewOrg partners within the community include Catholic Charities of South Carolina, DePaul USA, and St. Vincent DePaul, Portland Council. NewOrg will be exhibiting their software to leaders of other Catholic social services organizations. Presentations will include demos, consultations, case study examples, and one-on-one chats with NewOrg's seasoned implementation specialists. 

About the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering


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About NewOrg Management System, Inc. 

NewOrg Management System, Inc. -  

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NewOrg is a leading software developer providing a cloud-based data management platform for nonprofits and local government/social agencies, with more than 50,000 users in the US & Canada since 2006. Celebrating 15 years providing complete, 100% customized data management for nonprofit organizations and affiliates, NewOrg's integrated software and service approach ensures that our partners improve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

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Original Source: NewOrg Exhibiting at 2023 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering on Capitol Hill
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