Global AVOD Network VA Media Discloses Burgeoning Growth in YouTube Viewership & Subscribers for 2023 Financial Year and a Dive Into Original Content Production

VA Media ("VA") disclosed flourishing 2023 financial year viewership and subscriber growth information as pertains to its global network of YouTube AVOD Owned & Operated and Managed channels and an announcement of original content production.

As revenue in the Ad-Supported Video On Demand (AVOD) space is projected to continue its increase of 11.47% year-over-year(1), channels owned and operated by VA Media grew by 50% in overall viewership for the Australian FY 2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023). The addition of two million new subscribers in FY23 and over 18 million subscribers to date continues to increase VA's ability to reach wider audiences and monetize content at industry-high CPMs.

The two new channels launched in FY23 (Movie Central Español and Romance Movie Central) and three to five additional channels set to launch in FY24 will join VA's network which is made up of 20 owned & operated channels and a further 80+ managed channels.

Mark Ashbridge, CEO of VA Media, stated, "We are quite optimistic about the growth in revenue, subscribers, and market share we're seeing in the global YouTube AVOD space. As we continue expanding our partnerships, including channel management for companies like Cineverse, Epic Pictures, Distribution Solutions, and The Asylum, as well as our robust third-party acquisitions strategy on our O&O channels, we're now diversifying our model to include original productions."

Currently shooting in the company's Sydney-based studios is VA's first original production, an unscripted series called "My First Time" from producer/director Carolyn Cage. "My First Time" is an original returnable digital documentary series with 10 uniquely themed episodes. The series explores the spectrum of queer relationships from unforgettable first dates and devastating first heartbreaks. 

Hannah Barnes, Executive Producer and VA Media's Director of Unscripted and Original Content, said, "This series puts the spotlight on queer stories and queer storytelling. This is our first original series developed in-house and we are thrilled to have people like Kween Kong, Wesley Enoch, Aurelia St Claire and the legendary DQ involved. My First Time will launch on We Are Pride this year."

VA Media continues to grow its position as a leading global AVOD network with over 300 million monthly views and channels including the flagship Movie CentralTrue Crime CentralHorror Central, and Movie Central en Español.

About VA Media

VA Media is an Australia-based media company that specializes in social video monetization. Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, VA helps producers and distributors discover audiences and monetize their content across YouTube, Facebook, SNAP and other AVOD platforms, unlocking a world of opportunity.

Contact Information:
Kristen Bedno
Head of Content Partnerships & Acquisitions, North America
[email protected]
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Original Source: Global AVOD Network VA Media Discloses Burgeoning Growth in YouTube Viewership & Subscribers for 2023 Financial Year and a Dive Into Original Content Production
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