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Ladies of bayc logo x kaveras necklace pendent

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Egg pendent ladies of bayc x Kaveras

Via our collaboration with the Ladies of BAYC , we wanted to highlight ‘feminine prowess’ at the forefront- to represent the ladies who are unapologetically themselves, & women in tech.”

— Marie Kim, CEO, Kaveras

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Ladies of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) have announced their collaboration with fine jewellery brand KAVERAS, to launch their first phygital jewellery collection together- combining blockchain technology, sustainability and modern design. Kaveras will be the first official brand partnership for ‘NOT A + 1’ under the Bored Apes Franchise Licensing ‘Made For Apes’, whereby each piece will be licensed and linked back to an IP registry.

Each piece in the collection will be made bespoke and made to order, reducing unnecessary carbon emissions and waste. Customers will first purchase the NFT, or authenticity certificate of the piece. Authenticity is essential within the luxury space, hence, KAVERAS allows proof of authenticity and guarantee- where the gemstones and materials are sourced for each piece in this collection via the NFT.

The collection will incorporate 2 pendant choices:

Pendant One: with the logo & colours of the Ladies of BAYC, which are white, pink and red, in enamel, pairing with 18K yellow gold, with the option of also 18K rose or white gold.

Pendant Two: a heart egg shape that opens like a locket to unveil the ladies of BAYC logo hidden inside, & an NFC chip, which when scanned, unlock additional utility benefits to its owner.

“As the feminine counterpart of Bored Ape Yacht Club, our community is diverse, strong, and unapologetically themselves,” said the co-founder of Ladies of BAYC, pseudonymously known on Twitter/X as @Tigerisfine. “In seeking the right partner for our first MADE BY APES product, we were purposeful in finding a brand that could capture the essence of our members – sophisticated, daring, and unafraid to make a statement. KAVERAS’ beautiful craftsmanship and dedication to creating luxury pieces that exude femininity made them the ideal collaborator for this extraordinary venture.”

“Continuing our global growth, and growth into the future, we developed Kaveras to be a boundary-breaking luxury brand aiming to connect our audience to an opulent universe. Via our collaboration with the Ladies of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and the ‘Not A + 1’ first collection and pieces, we wanted to highlight ‘feminine prowess’ at the forefront- to represent the ladies who are unapologetically themselves, & women in tech. Hence, our support for ‘Girls Who Code’– to encourage and nurture the next generation of women”-Marie Kim, CEO, Kaveras

The collection takes on the direction from the community of The Ladies of BAYC, incorporating simplicity but elegance in its design. The concept of ‘beginnings’ is paramount to KAVERAS’ collections, and hence, the Ladies of BAYC Collection will be an extension of KAVERAS’ Triad Collection. Showcasing ‘energy’ as a primary theme. The Ladies of BAYC wanted to make their first ‘Not A + 1’ collection with Kaveras impactful, hence, they have incorporated some of their main belief pillars of philanthropy and social impact via donating a percentage of the proceeds of sales for this collection to ‘Girls Who Code’: An international nonprofit organisation that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science.

The collection will start at accessible price points, with a choice of no stones only enamel starting at $2500 USD. There will also be availability of choice stones- emeralds, black diamonds and pink sapphires with price tiers of $2500-$5000 and $5K-10K-$50K USD (for more bespoke stone choices for pieces)
Debut with pre-minting for Ladies of BAYC & BAYC Members only- September 5th, 2023, followed by a Public Minting September 7th, 2023.
For further information, images and for interviews with CEO, Marie Kim of KAVERAS or Ladies of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Please Contact: Lili Gusto, Publicist/ Head of Communication- KAVERAS

Lili Gusto
Director of PR & Communications
[email protected]


Continuing their growth globally, and in the US, Le HOSAH, is proud to present ‘KAVERAS’, an innovative high-end jewellery brand which focuses on Web3. A pioneering brand, in a new frontier, within the digital fashion and the metaverse- it introduces wearables unparalleled, in both spaces, while offering the introduction of blockchain technology to each of Kaveras’ exquisite pieces of art.

The brand works with core web3 partners:

SOLAIRE: A new Web3 commerce infrastructure to connect and automate the consumer sector across fashion, sports, entertainment and culture. The Solaire Consumer CRM Wallet infrastructure provides both retailers and consumers an entry into web3 enabling on-chain commerce, and covering the most prudent areas relevant to retail and e-retailing, including, sustainability, authenticity, community, circularity and personalisation//memorabilia.
STYLE AI: AN AI Model generator that can create models varying in age, ethnicity, and vibe; ultimately saving any brand on photoshoot costs.
A FORM: Is pioneering the metaverse revolution by fostering interoperability of digital fashion through automated conversion technology including- avatars, apparel and alteration form.
Showcasing ‘energy’ as a primary theme in all their collections, the brand aims to provide their customers with a sense of freedom, height and power when wearing the pieces.Setting sustainability at the forefront of its branding, the pieces from KAVERAS’ collections are only produced bespoke to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. For Kaveras community members it is not just fine jewellery but to experience unique and unparalleled dimensions in gemstones via AR/VR/AI .

About The Ladies of BAYC
In early April 2022, a vibrant and inclusive chatroom was established on Twitter for female holders of Bored ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). Since its inception, the community has rapidly grown to encompass over 150 members, fostering a positive and welcoming atmosphere from the outset. Within this dynamic space, women have been actively engaging in conversations, showcasing their talents, supporting various projects, and offering solace during personal milestones.

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