Anju’s TA Scan Expands Global Reach with European Diversity Data Integration

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anju, a leading provider of clinical intelligence solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its TA Scan platform through the integration of European diversity data from the UK and demographics data from France and Spain. This strategic enhancement, implemented in September 2023, builds upon Anju’s commitment to supporting global clinical research diversity and site selection.

Implementing diversity strategies in clinical trials is not only a regulatory requirement as policies increasingly mandate diversity criteria, but it’s also a moral obligation to make trials more inclusive and accessible to all patients. The absence of diversity plans in trials could lead to costly amendments and approval delays. Anju’s dedication to delivering comprehensive, global diversity data empowers clinical research professionals to meet these emerging requirements efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.

“TA Scan’s expansion into European diversity data underscores our commitment to helping clinical research professionals meet their global study diversification goals,” said Barbara Argibay, VP of Development, Data Division at Anju. “Empowering users to optimize recruitment strategies, site/investigator/KOL selection, and diversity initiatives with ease, while maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.”

TA Scan enables users to visualize essential data, such as ethnicity, socio-economic information, and site/investigator experience, all on a single map. This innovative feature streamlines site selection and recruitment strategies, significantly reducing the time and manual effort required for clinical research professionals. Users can conveniently filter and visualize this data within the TA Scan application, export it for analysis, or access it via the API Services. Anju’s Data-as-a-Service offering also provides sponsors and CROs with the necessary insights to support their feasibility, site/investigator/KOL identification, and diversity strategies.

For information about Anju’s TA Scan please visit Anju’s website.

Anju is a customer-first organization delivering adaptable life science solutions for clinical research, medical affairs, and data science. TrialMaster, IRMS MAX, and TA Scan, the company’s flagship products, lead the way in reducing complexities in the drug and device discovery and commercialization process. With a team of industry experts and a diverse suite of versatile products, Anju empowers clients to drive innovation, efficiency, and compliance. Anju is a portfolio company of Abry Partners serving the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research Life Sciences markets.

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