Gate Web3 Wallet Integrates with Plexus and 3 Other Innovative Platforms

PANAMA CITY, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gate Web3 Wallet, the non-custodial multi-chain wallet developed by, has recently integrated with four innovative platforms – Plexus, Eskrow, Atticc, and Ivy Maker. The new integrations bolster the list of platforms that Gate Web3 Wallet users can seamlessly connect to and interact with.

  • Plexus: With an innovative cross-chain multi-token swap solution, Plexus is a DEX aggregator that guarantees the fastest, cheapest, and most secure cross-chain swaps across a growing list of 40+ blockchains.
  • Eskrow: A decentralized zero-fee platform enabling on-chain peer-to-peer transactions powered by smart contracts. Two parties can securely exchange tokens through customized Eskrow smart contracts without the need for trust. Both parties must hold up their end of the deal for the transaction to be successful.
  • Atticc: A social utility protocol suite that unveils, preserves, and spreads stories from individuals and communities across the web. Stories shared using Atticc are enshrined on the blockchain, freely and openly accessible to others.
  • Ivy Maker: An all-encompassing NFT creation and incentive platform where users, creators, fans, and artists can participate in the vibrant Web3 NFT landscape. Ivy Maker provides diverse features, from a thriving marketplace to staking, voting, and creation tools.

The latest integrations mark a push from the Gate Web3 Wallet team to broaden the horizons for users of its non-custodial wallet and the Gate Web3 ecosystem of decentralized applications. Expanding the list of supported platforms means a more seamless Web3 experience when traversing the growing blockchain-powered web environment. Moreover, further upgrades and integrations with innovative platforms and protocols are in the pipeline.

With the Gate Web3 Wallet natively supported, the Gate Web3 ecosystem provides users with an all-in-one platform for accessing the latest decentralized technologies. Users can take advantage of cross-chain swaps and transfers, order book-style perpetuals DEX, passive income, and wallet creation and management tools. In addition, Gate Web3 features initial and non-initial airdrops and aggregates potential airdrops and popular DApps from around the web.


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