StudioNow and CreatorLNX by FTR Partner to Create an AI-Powered Creative Community and Marketplace

The integration of 350+ AI-enabled creative freelancers redefines creative collaboration, offering unmatched efficiency, scale, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.

StudioNow, the leading creative production platform, agency and marketplace, and CreatorLNX, an innovative platform connecting businesses with AI-enabled creators, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the creative industry by integrating the CreatorLNX ecosystem of 350+ AI-enabled creators into both the StudioNow network and platform, positioning both companies as trailblazers in digital transformation.

The partnership seeks to foster unparalleled creative collaboration and deliver exceptional results for large and small brands around the world. The integration of CreatorLNX into the StudioNow platform provides brands, enterprises, media companies and SMBs, whether seeking full-service or self-service options, with access to a diverse range of talented individuals working at the cutting edge of generative AI. Simultaneously, this collaboration offers creatives and freelancers exciting opportunities to showcase their skills and secure work from some of the world's largest brands.

Brett Danahy, Founder and Managing Partner at FTR, shared his thoughts on the partnership: "Generative AI is not simply a tool for plugging in instructions and receiving results. Its true potential lies in its symbiotic relationship with the creatives that use it, empowering them to efficiently develop unique, high-quality creative assets with unparalleled speed and range. At CreatorLNX, our mission is to go beyond just providing a platform for creatives to showcase their work. We're focused on building a vibrant community that fosters education, provides access to tools, promotes a culture of curiosity, and creates unique creative opportunities with tangible benefits for members. Our partnership with StudioNow marks a significant milestone towards achieving this goal and will provide both businesses and creative individuals with a first-of-its-kind opportunity, setting a new standard for the emerging field of generative AI in creative production."

David Mason, CEO of StudioNow, adds, "We are thrilled to join forces with CreatorLNX and seamlessly integrate the AI creative ecosystem they have built into our production marketplace and self-serve platform. This landmark collaboration will not only augment our creative capabilities but will redefine the very essence of creative production for businesses, offering unmatched scale, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation."

The collaboration between StudioNow and CreatorLNX  represents a transformative shift in the creative industry, leveraging AI as a toolset instead of a threat. By harnessing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and embracing the limitless potential of human creativity, this partnership will reshape how businesses approach creative production.

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About StudioNow
StudioNow is a leading visual content production solutions provider, offering full-service capabilities and an intuitive self-service platform and marketplace of 20,000 creative and production professionals. Catering to brands' unique needs, StudioNow's experienced team and vast network of top-tier creators deliver exceptional creative content that captivates audiences and drives results for brands, agencies, and businesses worldwide.

About CreatorLNX
CreatorLNX is a content studio and community of creatives who embrace emerging technology and AI. Focusing on upskilling creatives to master and leverage new tools, CreatorLNX aims to future-proof creative professions while enabling higher quality content and lightning-fast turnarounds. For membership details, visit

About FTR
FTR is a creative venture studio that explores how emerging technologies are transforming cultural verticals such as design, art, music, fashion, film, and sports.The studio's expertise lies in developing and launching new IP, brands, and concepts to market. To learn more about FTR and its vision, visit or contact [email protected].

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Original Source: StudioNow and CreatorLNX by FTR Partner to Create an AI-Powered Creative Community and Marketplace
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