Horsefly Rises to New Heights With Investment From LDC

Horsefly is set to drive international growth with investment from LDC.

Horsefly Analytics, an artificial intelligence-based talent analytics platform, is excited to announce it has secured an investment from leading private equity partner LDC. This is a significant step forward in its international growth plans and marks a successful exit from its long-term venture capital backers, Mercia Asset Management.

Horsefly is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to optimize their talent decisions. This new funding from LDC will enable the company to add new value-added features to its AI-driven analytics platform as well as invest in speed and performance enhancements.  It will also help Horsefly grow their team worldwide, particularly in the US.

"LDC's experience in helping software businesses to successfully expand across the US is second-to-none, but I was also looking for a genuine partner, and I've found that in LDC. I'm excited about working with Jacob, Camilla, and the team to deliver on our ambitious growth plans."
(Will Crandle, Founder and CEO of Horsefly)

This is an exciting time for Horsefly as it continues building its platform and expanding its reach throughout the global market. Horsefly has confidence that LDC's experience in helping companies scale up their operations will be invaluable as it pursues its mission of becoming the go-to source for businesses looking to make intelligent and informed talent decisions.

By partnering with LDC, Horsefly has now gained access to vital resources that will enable them to penetrate new markets and transform the world of work through innovative solutions. This partnership is a testament to Mercia's strong partnership with Horsefly since its inception - which has been instrumental in taking Horsefly to the next level over the years.

"Horsefly's market-leading platform provides its clients with actionable insight to help them shape their workforce in an ever-changing global economy. The drive, passion, and ambition of Will (CEO of Horsefly) and his team is infectious - we can't wait to help them continue their growth." (Jacob Leone, Investment Manager at LDC)

"We are delighted to be partnering with LDC and look forward to building a strong relationship together. This strategic partnership  will allow us to improve product and service for our customers and achieve our global expansion plans." ( Will Crandle, CEO of Horsefly Analytics.)

A leading provider of talent analytics data, Horsefly gathers labor market intelligence from around the globe to quickly paint a real-time picture of the talent market. Horsefly's easy-to-use online platform empowers international organizations to make data-driven strategic decisions by mapping talent supply & demand, finding hidden talent pools, providing ethnicity and gender benchmarks and compensation averages. Horsefly's Customer Success team works with customers every step of the way to identify clear ROIs and deliver upon them, leading to high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty to the platform. Visit the company website at to learn more.


Contact Information:
Tanya Peress
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]
UK: +44 (0)20 7193 0220. US:

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