CorporateCARE Solutions, Inc. Announces Increased Product Flexibility, Technology Enhancements and Key Go-To-Market Appointment

Company Appoints Matt O'Connor to advise on all Sales, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

CorporateCARE Solutions (CCS), the care network technology leader in family care benefits released several new product features, functionality, and upgrades to their disruptive, "all in one" Backup Family Care platform. CCS' award-winning fully integrated technology platform released enhancements to the full product suite for Children, Adults, Pets, and Tutoring. Strategic updates also include improvements to the CARE Request process, client experience, robust on-demand reporting, and CCS' signature real-time notification workflow.  

Customer Experience

CorporateCARE Solutions' improvements are designed to further strengthen its award-winning technology which delivers a seamless and fully automated CARE Request process from submission to fulfillment. In addition to its national network of Care Providers, enhancements were also made to CCS' market leading My Choice® Care program. "My Choice® is designed to meet employees in their comfort zone, while increasing productivity and reducing stress for employees and absenteeism for employers. When you support them and show them you care, they'll show you they're committed," says Sharon Lurtsema, CEO and Founder of Corporate CARE Solutions. "In addition, the platform has migrated to AWS which brings enhanced speed and security for our users." 

"Companies are seeking flexibility, choice and transparency when selecting a Backup Child and Adult Care provider and options with appropriate pricing and consumption models," says Lurtsema. "CorporateCARE Solutions delivers the reality and affordability of hourly Backup Care with pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing, highly transparent on-demand reporting, and real-time notifications throughout the staffing process. Our Care Providers love our platform and often ask why other vendor's technology pales so drastically in comparison."

"We absolutely love working with CorporateCARE Solutions! The platform is so easy to use. The 'Go Fish' portion of the platform is a true game-changer with the highest performance I have ever seen! It allows us to reach our full team in a second and our caregivers can easily accept the requests, then it simply ends all the back and forth and supports our caregivers by sending reminders. This platform is truly one of a kind and greatly improves our efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care!" says Erin Hammill, CEO, Above and Beyond Nannies.


To leverage the recent updates and to capitalize on the growing market opportunity, 
CorporateCARE Solutions appoints industry veteran, Matt O'Connor to the Board of Directors to advise on all sales, marketing, and strategic go-to-market areas. O'Connor is a twenty-year leader in the HR tech space and considered an expert in helping organizations go-to-market and drive revenue growth with the teams he's built. O'Connor has held numerous leadership roles in the insurance market, and led the Care@Work business during his time at "Most recently, while at its B2B business excelled under O'Connor and set records for new bookings, revenue growth, retention, and margin expansion and grew to over $100 million much faster than anticipated," says Scott Healy, (former) Executive Vice President, who previously hired O'Connor to lead revenue efforts at During this time was also acquired by IAC.

"Matt is regarded as a uniquely talented leader and business executive with a proven track record in helping organizations reach their potential. In addition to his skills as a revenue leader, his knowledge and experience in the HR tech and benefits space make him an incredibly valuable board member and advisor as we scale CorporateCARE Solutions," says Lurtsema. O'Connor will continue to serve on the Board of Advisors at Nichols College and as an advisor to Raddl.

"I'm honored to join the CorporateCARE Solutions Board of Directors to advise throughout their next phase of growth," says Matt O'Connor. "CorporateCARE Solutions is uniquely positioned in the care benefits arena with disruptive proprietary technology, a comprehensive provider network, fully cohesive platform and product suite, flexible utilization models and exemplary client success. Sharon and her team have built an impressive platform with a refreshing approach to Backup Care. Sharon is truly a unicorn in this space with her unrivaled expertise as a caregiver, seasoned agency owner, tech developer and employee benefits provider. This expertise has allowed her to take a tracks before train approach which will enable CorporateCARE Solutions to capture significant market share with providers and employers," says O'Connor. 

About CorporateCARE Solutions
CorporateCARE Solutions truly understands the struggle employers face when employees experience breakdowns in family care. CCS' proactive and professional approach removes the burden and stress that comes with resolving child and adult care needs, especially at the last minute. Historically, employees needing to resolve unexpected family care needs were usually left with no option but to stay home and care for loved ones, while tapping into precious PTO. There are other options, and this is what CCS is best at. We come to employees - so they can go to work and be productive is their motto. CorporateCARE Solutions is here for families, to find the care they need and to minimize their stress while doing so. Less stress, more productivity and well-cared for loved ones - equals happy employees. 

Sharon Lurtsema is the CEO and Founder of CorporateCARE Solutions. She began providing professional child and adult care services in 1990. After owning and operating a successful nanny and adult care agency, Sharon set her sights on raising the bar to provide care on a national scale. She is passionate about helping working families resolve breakdowns in child and adult care as quickly and seamlessly as possible. "Employees don't have the opportunity to recharge their batteries when they utilize PTO to cover breakdowns in family care. This matters," says Lurtsema.

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