DG Entertainment, a Company Based in Daegu, Has Launched a Business Type Metaverse Platform Play World 3D

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The term metaverse, which means a virtual-reality space where social, cultural, and economic activity is possible, was created by combining the word 'Meta,' which means virtual-reality, and 'Universe.' Since the beginning of the crisis of COVID, metaverse has become popular among the online culture and is developing as a form of business. Bloomberg Intelligence, a research agency under Bloomberg, has predicted that metaverse market will pass 800 billion dollars in worth by 2024. DG Entertainment has launched a business type metaverse platform called Play World 3D.

The process of entering Play World 3D is simple. There is no need to download an app or a program, just simply click an internet link and log in through SNS. It takes under three minutes to log in from the link. Also, since an app installation is not necessary, it is predicted to have over eight times the marketing effect. The server is very stable, backed by the fact that it can allow around 100,000 users at the same time and house around 500 users in each live space safely. Changing the details and information is easy because users can edit it themselves without having to contact an admin. It also features a trade system that separates this platform from others. All these features, technology, and structure is purely from DG Entertainment.

Play World 3D is a platform developed to be presented globally. Thus, all the businesses around the world can participate through smart phone, PC, Mac, IPTV and other devices. Especially North America, which has a high tendency to use Mac and other Apple products, is predicted to show high interest in the platform. The platform is available anywhere in the world and the exhibitions are accessible through LTE as well. Languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and others are all supported to attract users from different countries and cultures.

JaeSung Park, the CEO of DG Entertainment, stated, "Many businesses are sprouting to tackle the Metaverse field and the most important factor is the wide vision to foresee the potential and technology." Adding, "Instead of a digital avatar-based entertainment that is temporary with no room for future improvements, it is necessary to create a business-like Metaverse service that provides vision and future."

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Original Source: DG Entertainment, a Company Based in Daegu, Has Launched a Business Type Metaverse Platform Play World 3D
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