Vaya Space and The Spaceport Company Announce Partnership

Vortex-Hybrid Rocket Company and Mobile Offshore Platform Company Address Growing Launch Market

SpacePort Company and Vaya Space

SpacePort Company and Vaya Space

Vaya Space, Inc., the vortex-hybrid rocket engine company and emerging leader in sustainable space access, has announced its partnership with The Spaceport Company, builder of a network of distributed launch sites on mobile offshore platforms solving the problem of spaceport congestion and enabling point-to-point transportation.   

Vaya and The Spaceport Company are negotiating a campaign of orbital launch operations to commence as early as Q1 2025. The Spaceport Company's sea-based platforms will complement Vaya's existing launch site at Cape Canaveral, guaranteeing Vaya will always have launch pad access to deliver customer payloads to orbit on schedule, and ensuring Vaya can scale its launch cadence as demand grows.  

"The Spaceport Company is proud to partner with Vaya Space to offer responsive, high-cadence transportation to orbit for both government and commercial customers. Vaya's straightforward hybrid propulsion technology is ideally suited to offshore launch operations and enables lower insurance premiums, simpler logistics, and reduced range delays," said Spaceport CEO Tom Marotta.

"The Spaceport Company has an elegant and attractive solution to ensure Vaya's access to orbit for our customers. We look forward to our first launches from Spaceport platforms in 2025," said Vaya CEO Kevin Lowdermilk."

Vaya Space is a privately owned, Vortex-Hybrid rocket company based on the Space Coast of Florida. As a new entrant to the space and defense market sectors, the company is using patented technologies to ensure the safety, reliability, and cadence of space access. Vaya is a sustainability focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for humankind with fuel sourced from recycled thermoplastics.   

About Vaya Space

Vaya Space is a vortex-hybrid rocket engine Space and Defense company based on the Space Coast of Florida. Vaya has developed breakthrough and now patented technologies that transform the performance and cost of access to Space and missiles for Defense applications. Vaya gained momentum in 2017 when Sid Gutierrez, former Shuttle Commander and NASA's first U.S.-born Hispanic astronaut, became Chairman of the Board. Launch Control's final words to Sid at liftoff were "Vaya con Dios" and following this inspiration, Vaya Space was born.

Vaya is a purpose-driven, sustainability focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for humankind. Vaya Space competes in the small satellite launch and military munitions sectors. Vaya's unique and patented rocket engines overcome the costs and other issues associated with traditional legacy rocket and missile technologies to transform the performance, safety and affordability of the industry.

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About The Spaceport Company

The Spaceport Company (TSC) provides infrastructure solutions for a variety of deeptech industries, including orbital launch. TSC signed a collaboration agreement with the Virginia Commercial Spaceflight Authority, expects to enter operations in 2025, and is conducting its first offshore launch platform demonstration in May 2023. For more information, see the TSC website at  

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