Twenty20 Solutions Announces Advanced Security Solutions for Electrical Substations

A Security Solution that Combines Video Surveillance, Access Control, Video Monitoring, and Active Shooter Location Identification is Essential to Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of the Critical Infrastructure

Twenty20 Solutions ("Twenty20"), a leading provider of automated security technology for the Electric Utilities industry, announces the release of the SiteWatch™ family of products for substation monitoring. The SiteWatch™ ultimate AI-enabled, all-in-one wired or wireless solution to a company's security and automation needs, both on-grid or off-grid, can be delivered through a variety of hardware options, from small, DIY devices to mobile trailers, skids, and poles, and includes options for solar or line power and LTE or satellite network connectivity. Equipped with Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) technology to capture video footage and identify the location and type of gunfire, SiteWatch™ provides the ultimate substation security in the market today.  

A recent substation attack in Washington left 15,000 people without power and is estimated to cost $3 million and will take up to three years to fix, according to sources. Substations face an increasing number of threats, such as vandalism, sabotage, and terrorism. Industry leaders are emphasizing the need for robust security solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of these vital assets. 

A primary means to combat these threats is the use of video surveillance and video monitoring systems combined with ASLI to provide real-time visibility to substation operations, enabling operators to quickly identify and respond to potential threats, stopping vandals in their tracks and providing the data to prosecute them.    

According to Pat Mansfield, Manager of Information Technology at DEMCO, one of the largest electric utility co-ops in the nation, "with the increasing risks our substations are facing, it is more important than ever to secure them. Investing in technology allows for blanketed coverage of our sites while allowing us to detect and deter threats in real time. Early detection is key in mitigating the risks posed to these sites and is certainly beneficial to all of our members." 

ASLI, a new generation of "gunshot detection" technology, is a vital component of comprehensive substation security solutions. This technology uses advanced, battlefield-tested sensors and microphones to detect the precise location and type of gunfire and captures real-time video footage of the shooter. ASLI provides law enforcement with a significant tactical advantage when responding to substation attacks involving gunfire. 

In addition to video surveillance and ASLI, feedback from industry experts such as Mansfield also highlight the importance of access control systems, which help to regulate and track access to substations. These systems include biometric scanners, key cards, and other technologies that ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas. Access control can be extended to vehicles, with entry gates configured to control access based on facial recognition or license plate recognition, automatically logging all entries and exits to ensure no suspicious activity goes unchecked.  

Protecting critical infrastructure is vital in ensuring the reliability of the electric grid. Modern vandals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Leading security technology providers, such as Twenty20 Solutions, have adapted by incorporating advanced technology into a full line of portable, self-contained, on- and off-grid capable solutions.  

About Twenty20 Solutions  

Twenty20 Solutions is a global provider of automation and security technology, smart surveillance, monitoring, and access control solutions for on- and off-grid environments. Twenty20 offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies, including object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, thermal and radar detection, and more. For more information on Twenty20 Solutions, visit

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