TransAstra Wins Space Force Phase 2 Contract for Development of Groundbreaking Turn Key Telescope Observatory System

Trans Astronautica Corporation, the pioneering space technology company and Y Combinator graduate, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Phase 2 SBIR contract from the United States Space Force. This contract will fund the development of an operational prototype for the Sutter Turn Key Observatory (Sutter TKO), a cutting-edge, self-contained observatory capable of housing up to 18 integrated telescopes. The contract will also fund certain enhancements of TransAstra's capabilities, including improving detections of objects at low angular offset from the Moon and advancing tipping and cueing across TransAstra's telescope network to enable rapid follow-up to observations of moving objects in space.  

Sutter TKO, a remotely operable observatory, is a game-changing blend of TransAstra's suite of space domain awareness capabilities. Constructed to be functional in any remote location with electrical power, it eliminates the need for an existing observatory. Harnessing the power of TransAstra's Sutter technologies, the Sutter TKO system will deliver unparalleled object detection at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.  

TransAstra eagerly anticipates unveiling further details about Sutter TKO at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference in Maui, Hawaii, this September. Attendees will be offered a unique insight into this transformative technology, with a scaled model of the Sutter TKO on display. With its broad appeal, the Sutter TKO is poised to be a highly attractive option for the scientific and astronomy communities, as well as those invested in space domain awareness solutions. TransAstra envisions customers to include U.S. allies seeking an SDA solution, the international science community seeking cost-effective all-sky coverage solutions for finding and tracking NEOs for planetary defense and scientific purposes, and private companies desirous of their own organic SDA solution for monitoring traffic throughout cislunar space. TransAstra is projected to begin accepting commercial and government orders for Sutter TKO systems this Fall.  

"National security and scientific discovery are mutually reinforcing," stated Dr. Joel Sercel, CEO of TransAstra. "Our collaboration with the Space Force reflects our unwavering commitment to fortifying the security of our nation's space missions. Our Sutter TKO system presents a cost-effective gateway to crucial scientific research missions, democratizing the realm of space exploration and discovery. TransAstra remains steadfast in its mission to deliver cutting-edge, pragmatic solutions that address our national security needs while also propelling scientific advancements." 

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TransAstra is a Los Angeles-based company committed to pioneering technology solutions for space exploration and development. We work at the cutting edge of technology to build a future where resources in space are available for the benefit of humanity. For more information about TransAstra, visit

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Original Source: TransAstra Wins Space Force Phase 2 Contract for Development of Groundbreaking Turn Key Telescope Observatory System
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