Suncoast Scientific Announces Approval of Patent With Wide-Ranging Consumer, Healthcare, and Security Applications

Veteran Woman Inventor With More than 35 Patents Makes Major Breakthrough

Suncoast Scientific has received a final greenlight for a new patent for an innovative Metamaterial Oxide Capacitor (MOC) that could revolutionize both consumer and health care items like cell phones, pacemakers, and hearing aids while providing important military, security, and defense applications. 

Accomplished, award-winning physicist Dr. Hulya Demiryont, founder of Suncoast Scientific and a teaching PhD who immigrated from Turkey in the 1970s, has been granted US Patent 11791096-B1 for revolutionary technology with wide-ranging applications. 

Why It Matters:

The MOC has wide-ranging application potential across many industries. Examples include:

  • Mini, micro, and nanosatellites and drones
  • Pacemakers, hearing aids, and other health technology
  • Technology for electrochromic goggles, visors, and cell phones
  • Heatable textiles for the military, aerospace, and fashion industries
  • Switchable antennae
  • EMI shielding surfaces and RADOM
  • Miniature circuit element technology as a 2-terminal tunable varactor, voltage-controllable capacitor that can electrically change capacitance and frequency regions [BK2]
  • Resistive random-access memory (RAM) for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

“This is the culmination of decades of research and contribution to my field at large,” said Dr. Demiryont. “The material used for this capacitor is akin to finding a new type of oxide and has the potential to revolutionize the creation, performance, and application of multitudes of technology.”

Details about the Capacitor

The ground-breaking metamaterial oxide capacitor (MOC) is made from an innovative new material, created by Dr. Demiryont using vacuum-deposition thin film technology.

Suncoast Scientific’s patented MOC has a 5 Farad/cm3 huge volumetric capacitance, 70 times the energy capacity of a supercapacitor, yet is smaller than the size of a pin. It also is a lithium-free, electrolyte-free, self-charging “green” capacitor, thus, it is wearable, implantable, and flexible but can be linked in parallel to create an even larger energy source. 

Furthermore, its dielectric permittivity can be changed by electric fields, thus allowing MOC to be wirelessly controlled by AC and DC. As an active capacitor, it has a frequency-selective volume, with the ability to switch between a conductor and insulator.

The beginning findings for this particular patent were first published in 1972 with Dr. Demiryont's early work in her specific area of physics: thin film optics and electronics.  

More About the Dr. Hulya Demiryont

Born in 1938 in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Demiryont is an accomplished physicist with a 60-year academic and entrepreneurial career. She permanently left academia when she started working for Ford Motor in 1986 and then founded multiple innovative companies, published dozens of peer-reviewed academic articles, and won numerous awards, including the Quantum Leap Award, the Ford Motor Company Eagle Award, and the Turkish Technology Grand Award. She holds over 35 patents and her technology went into space in 2008 with NASA.  

She has published dozens of peer-reviewed academic articles and is an eight-time winner of Ford Motor Company’s Innovation Award for her work in Ford’s glass division. 

Contact Information:
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Original Source: Suncoast Scientific Announces Approval of Patent With Wide-Ranging Consumer, Healthcare, and Security Applications
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