General Robert ‘Pat’ White Joins the Kronos Fusion Energy’s Team as Its New CEO and is Taking on Tritium Breeding

The world's continued dependence on fossil fuels ranks among the greatest challenges to long-term global sustainability. Meanwhile, projected growth in energy consumption over the 2 decades underscores the need to develop renewable sources of energy. Fusion and fission provide the most immediately enactable solutions to this problem.

As his first order of business as the CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy, Pat is taking on building the Kronos Tritium Breeding program. Pat comes to us with more than 36 years of Military command experience and last served as the Commanding General of III Corps and Fort Hood.

"Tritium plays a huge role in fusion energy generators, is used in many applications within the military, and also has many medical benefits. The use of Tritium will be an essential for the commercialization of Fusion Energy. While current fission-driven plants address some of the world's energy needs, creating commercializable access to fusion energy is a better long-term solution. Fusion produces far more energy than is created by fission and does not create harmful radioactive by-products that need to be stored for thousands of years." - Pat White, CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy.

Over his three-decade career, he served in a variety of command and staff positions of increasing responsibility in the United States, Europe, Middle East and South Asia. These include combat deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Inherent Resolve. Prior to his previous command at Fort Hood, Pat served as director of operations, United States European Command; Commanding General, 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss, and Combined Forces Land Component Command Operation Inherent Resolve; Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, United States Army Forces Command, Fort Bragg; Director, Pakistan and Afghanistan Coordination Cell, J-5, Joint Staff, Washington, DC; and Deputy Commanding General (Support), 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized), Fort Stewart, Georgia and Deputy Commander for Support, Regional Command South, International Security Assistance Force, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

THEME 1: Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
THEME 2: Tritium Breeding


"The premise of the Kronos solution is simple: (U.S. Patent Application No. 63/403,745) Using a patent-pending approach, it is designed to produce 4-7 kilograms of Tritium expected by 2032 at 1700 MeV and 100mAmp.Our yearly revenue for the first version of our Kronos Fusion Energy Transmutation of Nuclear Waste + Tritium Breeding Facility is expected to be $100-400M/yr based on $30k/gram." - Priyanca Ford, Founder at Kronos Fusion Energy.

The Kronos National Security leadership team supporting Pat includes: Executive Board Member General (RET) Gustave Perna, National Security Advisor Brian O'Neill, Major General (RET) Robin Fontes, and Major General (RET) Paul Pardew.

"A beam of charged particles can become inherently chaotic because of the particles' own electromagnetic fields and disperse within the accelerator. Space-charge forces generated by the collective electromagnetic potential of the beam give rise to stochastic dynamics of charged particles, facilitating formation of a beam halo — a tenuous population of ions that fill a volume much greater than the beam's core. Within such a halo, particles can execute long-range radial excursions, leading to their eventual absorption by the accelerating structure. Inevitably, this process results in radio activation and gradually degrades the particle accelerator, while also limiting its intensity. Although the halo-formation problem is undeniably complex, its resolution is within reach. Reducing beam losses associated with chaotic halo formation by as little as one and a half orders of magnitude would make ADS-type reactors feasible. The primary challenge in attaining such a reduction lies in better understanding the fundamental processes that underlie chaotic beam halo formation." - Konstantin Batygin, Lead Scientist & Founding Partner at Kronos Fusion Energy.

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Original Source: General Robert 'Pat' White Joins the Kronos Fusion Energy's Team as Its New CEO and is Taking on Tritium Breeding
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