At COP28, Countries Launch Declaration of Intent on Clean Hydrogen

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – During the 28th Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, more than 30 countries launched the COP28 Declaration of Intent on the Mutual Recognition of Certification Schemes for Renewable and Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives.  Recognizing the key role of clean hydrogen in global decarbonization and meeting global energy needs, endorsers of the declaration seek to work toward mutual recognition of hydrogen certification schemes to help facilitate a global market.   

The United States, which uses the term “clean hydrogen” rather than “low-carbon hydrogen” nationally, understands “low-carbon” in this document and others as inclusive of hydrogen produced with renewable energy, nuclear energy, or carbon capture and storage, and therefore not inclusive of hydrogen produced with unabated fossil energy, including natural gas. 

The United States along with many international partners emphasizes the importance of robust scientific assessments of lifecycle climate impacts of hydrogen, which a supplemental briefing document underlines. It will be important for future certification schemes and standards to reflect the best available science on the lifecycle climate impacts of hydrogen and its derivatives, including indirect impacts on GHG concentrations due to leaks. 

The United States looks forward to ongoing engagement with international partners to work toward the important goal of enabling mutual recognition of certification schemes.  The full text of the declaration is included below. 

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