World’s First: BLOCKLORDS Becomes the First Web3 Game to Launch Its Game Truly Community First

MetaKing Studios, the game developer focused on gaming, entertainment and fun community experiences for gamers, has released the Community-Beta version of its highly anticipated game, BLOCKLORDS, exclusively to their community first. 

The BLOCKLORDS community beta release is a significant milestone for the studio and showcases the scale of what they are building together with their community ahead of the full game launch. 

BLOCKLORDS is a multiplayer strategy game designed with a simple principle: "Fun Conquers All". As part of a new generation of up-and-coming games, it uses innovative technology to create immersive experiences that give more control to the players. Using the latest simulations, graphics, and other technologies, BLOCKLORDS is creating an immersive world and giving players more opportunities to shape their stories.

The idea of scalable games and player-driven storylines is attractive to game investors as well. Named by Forbes as The Next-Gen Game That Big Players & Game Investors Are Backing, BLOCKLORDS, has already raised $15M in seed stage funding from big-name game giants like Square Enix, Krafton, Fun Plus, Makers Fund, BITKRAFT, Delphi Digital, Animoca Brands, ShimaCapital, and others. 

BLOCKLORDS has been pinned as a pioneering game for web3, but today MetaKing Studios is excited to reveal their most important partnership yet: Community. The studio recognizes the importance of community in the web3 ecosystem, which is why it decided to give its community a stake in the development process.

With BLOCKLORDS, MetaKing Studio is promising a high-fidelity gaming experience that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the web3 platform. By involving the community in the development process, the studio is not only able to ensure that the game will meet the needs and desires of its audience, but it's also giving gamers a chance to participate in the development of the franchise in true web3 spirit, something that web2 gamers have been dreaming of for years.

The community beta release is just the beginning for BLOCKLORDS. With the help of its community, the studio plans to build out the game even further, incorporating feedback and ideas from its players to create a finished product that truly delivers on its promises. 

"By working together with our team, partners, friends, and our dedicated community of gamers, we can create truly groundbreaking experiences that push the limits of what's been possible before in the world of gaming. The success of BLOCKLORDS is a testament to the value of community in the development of immersive, engaging, and innovative games that put players at the forefront." - David Johansson, Creator of BLOCKLORDS. 

 You can play BLOCKLORDS for free by joining the Community Beta and claiming your free in-game hero at


Featuring a fully-owned economy, BLOCKLORDS is a medieval MMO strategy game. There are a variety of roles players can play within the BLOCKLORDS universe, all with distinct yet intertwined responsibilities. In BLOCKLORDS, players can craft their own unique stories within a shared universe based on a strong franchise/brand foundation. In this medieval metaverse, players will be able to shape their kingdom to the highest level by farming, fighting, and ruling, making it the first of its kind for web3.

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Original Source: World's First: BLOCKLORDS Becomes the First Web3 Game to Launch Its Game Truly Community First
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