Sound Pressure Laboratories Announces New Product – Real-Time Surround Sound Music From SPL

Even if you've heard everything, you've never heard this!

Sound Pressure Laboratories has developed the state of the art TrueSPL Spherical Sequencer™, and it is the first real time surround sound musical instrument/recording and live production system made for musicians. The Spherical Sequencer is a standalone multi-channel array with eight (8) channels out, 64G of RAM, and four (4) 4.7 GHz quad core processors. It is a real time Atmos Surround Sound musical experience that is titillating to the senses and enhances the physical experience of real time surround music. SPL leased a 300 seat movie theater for four (4) years to utilize the Theatre's sound field to develop the equipment for the future of music.

The TrueSPL SSA1 & SSA2 Touch Spherical Sequencer™ has the ability to be integrated into any live show or recording project, and can be applied into any studio effortlessly. For the first time ever, we present a major studio upgrade that does not require a major studio rebuild. SPL is a licensed contractor that manages every step of the TrueSPL™ experience. SPL has created a real time render-less interactive tool for musicians, allowing Engineers to focus on capturing the emotion of sound. It allows musicians to arrange their own music and create their own emotional experience within the surround sound field for the first time ever. It is like hearing music for the first time. SPL stands behind their mission to utilize these technological developments to bring people back into the Movie Theaters and revitalize the Music and Entertainment industry. 

SPL technology is designed and engineered by Michael Way, a Master Electrician/Engineer. He is a certified Dante technician and Network specialist with a background in RF Telemetry and Fiber Optics. He has been a certified L-Acoustic V-Dosc Sound Engineer since 2003. In his youth, he received multiple awards, and sat first chair second violin in orchestra. He also has Big Band Jazz experience as a guitarist. He extends his background in music into theaters for live runs, and has produced live theater productions. Way has also produced live shows, music events, and music videos since 1997. He is an IATSE Engineer in Stadiums, Arenas, and Amphitheaters. In addition, his background includes the ground up construction of Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos, as well as building data centers for Sony, and consulting and managing multi-million dollar technology installations throughout California. 

Sound Pressure Labs produced and released, Transmigration©, a 111 minute musical cinematic movie that showcased the Spherical Music as a Proof of Concept. GymRat is the next movie that we've signed in which TrueSPL will be the featured music format. Safe Harbor, starring actress Sean Young, is a movie in pre-production, that is being produced around the sound field design of TrueSPL.

Contact Information:
Michael Way
[email protected]
(707) 496-7165

Teisha Mechetti
Project Manager
[email protected]
(541) 816-2403

Audrey Levy
[email protected]
(310) 701-7750
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