Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D., Interviewed by TV Show Host Kara Sundlun on Kara’s Cures

Can spiritual experience improve mental health?

Can spiritual experiences improve mental health?  This topic is explored with Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D., who was interviewed by TV show host Kara Sundlun of Kara's Cures on WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News.

A Gallop Poll showed that 41% of Americans have had a profound spiritual awakening that changed the direction of their lives. The Atlantic (2022) shared that those who have spiritual experiences "find a greater understanding of life, higher well-being, and more love through an exploration of the transcendent."  

Karen Herrick, Ph.D., has spent decades researching spiritual phenomena, how this information impacts mental health and overall well-being, and the need for educating mental health professionals on these experiences.

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Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D., LCSW, LMSW, CADC, ACMHP, completed her Master's Degree at Rutgers University in Social Work and Ph.D., at Union Institute and University. She is the founder of the Center for Children of Alcoholics and has shared her clinical expertise for 30 years in private practice by lecturing on dysfunctional, addictive homes, dissociation, and grief and loss from a Jungian perspective. Since 1995, her Interfaith ministry has her actively involved in Spiritual Psychology, specifically in naming spiritual experiences and working with chronic grief. Dr. Herrick is a lecturer with CE You!, providing CE webinar courses in Jungian psychology, spirituality, mental health, and other topics.

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Original Source: Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D., Interviewed by TV Show Host Kara Sundlun on Kara's Cures
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