Over and Above Innovation: PandaMR Launches Its Metaverse

New Metaverse platform starts its journey.

DUBAI, Arab Emirates - October 9, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

PandaMR launches its Metaverse, a next-generation platform filled with features to help users get started in the new era of the Internet.

It is available in the most user-friendly interface and will be open for any individual or company to establish their presence in the new digital realm.

The concept of a metaverse has been relevant since the early 90s as a universal platform for all kinds of activity transferred into the virtual realm. Today's metaverses could possibly be the level-up of the Internet with features that we need but don't realize yet. 

PandaMR's metaverse is a web- and mobile-based platform. Right now, there are four main directions that the company is concentrating on: Business, Art, Education and Entertainment. The goal is to provide an adequate environment for each of these industries and develop tools that are necessary for these industries to stay in the Metaverse for a long time. 

PandaMR positions itself as the "guide" for businesses to navigate through the Metaverse.  

In the dedicated "Business Bay," companies can organize onboarding and hiring processes, have internal meetings, plan corporate gatherings, hold conferences, and more. Thus, companies can stay one step ahead of the competition with little effort thanks to their future-proof investment in the metaverse experience.

The "Education Hub" enables educational entities to establish virtual learning environments for engaging sessions. 

For creative people, in just a few easy steps, the Art District provides artists with every chance to display their works. 

"Many companies and individuals have heard about Metaverse, nevertheless most of them need additional guidance to make their first steps into the digital realm. We do the hard work of educating businesses and communities on how to get value from using metaverse solutions, and we do this with great enthusiasm and creativity," said Vahe Khachatryan, Commercial Director at PandaMR.

One may find an abundance of complex currencies which could be overwhelming. The NFT market and cryptocurrency sectors will be an option for PandaMR, with a lot of emphasis on diversifying payment methods and smoothing user experience.

PandaMR extends a warm welcome to all newcomers and asks partners and metaverse aficionados to join efforts to build a Metaverse community that will be the driving engine for developing virtual solutions.

Contact Information:
Vahe Khachatryan
Commercial Director
[email protected]

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Original Source: Over and Above Innovation: PandaMR Launches Its Metaverse
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