NeonWill Joins Paws With Valioart for a Purrfect Collaboration in LED Neon Sign Artwork

Creating a Unique Blend of Ethereal Illumination with Adorable Feline Illustrations

NeonWill, the young and rising LED neon sign maker, is excited to announce a delightful new collaboration with renowned illustrator Valioart, the creative mind behind adorable cat illustrations adored worldwide. This unique partnership is set to transform vibrant Valioart's cute cats into radiant LED neon signs, combining charming artwork with cutting-edge lighting technology.

NeonWill has consistently stood at the forefront of innovative lighting solutions. Our commitment to creating products that are as unique as they are functional found a perfect partner in Valioart's universally cherished art form. This amalgamation of creativity will illuminate spaces with a warm, charming glow that cat enthusiasts and art aficionados alike will adore.

"Valioart has a unique talent for capturing the whimsical charm and expressiveness of cats in a truly endearing manner," said  Andy Xu, CEO & Founder of NeonWill, "Partnering with them allows NeonWill to push the boundaries of LED neon signs, providing customers with the opportunity to express their fondness for feline friends in a modern, stylish way."

From living rooms to cat cafes, and even as unique gift items, these distinct LED neon signs promise to make heads turn and hearts melt. Meticulously crafted and designed with both aesthetics and durability in mind, these signs will be available in various designs and sizes, perfect for any space wishing to sport a touch of illuminated kitty love.

The new collection, featuring exquisitely detailed feline portraits by Valioart transformed into LED neon signs by NeonWill, is slated for release on December 15th, 2023. As a part of an exclusive, limited edition collection, each LED neon sign piece will come with a distinctive touch - a personal signature from the illustrator, Valioart. Additionally, every piece will bear a unique identification number, further emphasizing its exclusivity.

"We're beyond excited to launch this new line and can't wait for our community to fall in love with these adorable, glowing works of art," closed Xu.

About NeonWill:
NeonWill is a leading creator of high-quality, customizable LED neon signs. With a commitment to innovation, design excellence, and durability, NeonWill lights up personal and professional spaces globally, allowing customers to express their style vividly.

About Valioart:
Known for creating "cute cats illustrations," Valioart is an artist who brings joy to the world through their captivating, beloved feline art. Engaging a global audience, Valioart's work is a celebration of creativity, charm, and the love of cats.

Contact Information:
Tesia Chen
Branding Manager
[email protected]

Original Source: NeonWill Joins Paws With Valioart for a Purrfect Collaboration in LED Neon Sign Artwork
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