NameBlock Launches With Industry Partners to Enhance Online Brand Protection

NameBlock is proud to announce its official launch, signaling a significant step forward in affordable online brand protection and DNS abuse prevention.

With strategic partnerships, including leading global corporate registrars and other resellers, NameBlock is launching a comprehensive platform and innovative services that are developed to reduce DNS abuse and generate a found revenue stream for industry partners without compromising standard or premium registration revenue for the greater good. A continuously updated list of accredited resellers can be found on

Central to NameBlock's offerings is AbuseShield, a data-driven and automated solution designed to proactively protect domain names from potential abuse. Utilizing a sophisticated AI-driven algorithm, AbuseShield instantly detects and impedes a wide array of risky domain variations such as homoglyphs, typical misspellings, and other deceptive similarities. This preemptive approach efficiently shields a protected domain name and its associated business and people by preventing any risky variants from getting maliciously registered and used for phishing, impersonation, and other types of brand-damaging fraud. As such, AbuseShield provides a secure and reputable online presence for end-users, registries, and registrars alike.

AbuseShield's benefits extend across the domain ecosystem. It offers a proactive line of defense for registries, enhancing online safety while creating revenue opportunities and reducing operational costs. Registrars benefit from streamlined processes that mitigate DNS abuse, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operational burdens. Domain name owners gain a budget-friendly, automated, and robust first line of defense against impersonation and other threats,

Pinkard “Pinky” Brand, CEO of NameBlock, emphasized the importance of AbuseShield: "At NameBlock, we're not just launching a service; we're introducing an innovative data-driven approach with a product that significantly widens the distribution of, and the market for, phishing and impersonation protection around a registered domain name. Our goal is to establish a secure foundation for the digital identities of businesses and individuals, enhancing online safety for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders involved. This approach takes into account the interests of all parties, ensuring a safer digital environment now and into the future.”

Rolf Larsen,  Chairman of NameBlock, highlighted the collaborative effort: "Our partnerships reflect our dedication to building a safer internet. Together, we're addressing today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow's threats. The enthusiastic reception from our partners, including global resellers and registry partners, highlights the shared recognition of the critical need for enhanced digital security measures."

Shane Layman from Markmonitor stated, "Markmonitor's engagement with NameBlock helps position our clients to better protect their brand names and intellectual property within the complexities of the modern internet landscape, and both AbuseShield and Brandlock are two effective tools for brand holders to have in their brand protection arsenal. Preemptive threat mitigation and tracking solutions are vital to the security Markmonitor advocates for on behalf of our customers with our involvement in Nameblock."

For more details, please visit NameBlock's website.

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