Ilham Al-Madfai Returns to Al-Basra

After cheerfully rejoicing the start of 2023 with a memorable celebration, M.Madfai Management promises its audiences a plethora of events taking place in 2023, around the Middle East.

Highlighted events for 2023 include the "Jigsaw", which will take place in Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, as well as the Tarabband Middle Eastern tour, which is set for October and November this year.

One does not have to wait long because M.Madfai Management's next very special and incredibly important event is on March 10, where the maestro, singer, guitarist, and composer Mr. Ilham Al-Madfai, also known as "The Beatle of Baghdad", who has been away from Al-Basra, Iraq, for many years, will be performing his exceptional style of music and most unique pieces for a live audience, in Al-Basra.

The Beatle of Baghdad will be mesmerizing his Al-Basra audience with his pioneering fusion of oriental mixed with jazz and Latin influence and will perform his best of all-time compositions, including his masterpiece Khuttar

What makes this event special and noteworthy is that audiences will not only get to enjoy Al-Madfai's music, but they also will contribute to an important and timely cause. A percentage of the proceeds will go directly to the survivors and families as part of pitching in the relief efforts of the Syrian earthquake destruction.

"It is our role, as global citizens of the world, to help those in need, especially in such dire times. We hope that soulful music continues to help us heal, and we hope to play a role in that rehabilitation," said Mr. Ilham Al-Madfai.

Be sure to check out M.Madfai Management's social media pages and stay tuned for more event details and updates.

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