Crowdfunding Launched for Online Platform With Goal: To Fight Fake News

The new platform will redefine news through transparent reporting and discussion of news stories.

SAN FRANCISCO - December 6, 2022 - (

Today, TrueNews (, a unique online platform for reporting, discovering, and discussing evidence-based news stories, launched a crowdfunding campaign. The platform is currently in the advanced stages of development. 

Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, recently reported that only 26% of Americans are confident in their ability to recognize misinformation in news coverage, while 67% believed that misinformation causes a great deal of confusion. Studies show that the credibility of most outlets has dropped considerably over the last five years, "highlighting consumers' growing concerns about reliability, bias, and trustworthiness in the news industry." More alarming is how social media networks are the most used news source for many Americans despite an acknowledged lack of reliability.

TrueNews is designed to fight the highly-editorialized news, misinformation, and fake news in our present media environment - and the polarizing effects that these problems can create - by requiring all news stories to cite their facts and evidence. TrueNews articles are moderated individually to ensure adherence to this policy before they can go live. The platform also allows users to vote on Stories, Facts and Evidence, and presents all moderation activity, voting, and scoring data publicly to maintain transparency. 

"Soon, we'll have an important online space where people can empower themselves to find the truth, rather than being told what to think," TrueNews founder Kirk Sullivan said. "Many media stakeholders say that a solution like this has been needed for years." 

Sullivan's team designed TrueNews to enable people to see all sides of any issue and take action on the news, rather than just consuming it. They are building a platform upon the principles of self-sovereign identity, an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their information and only grants one account per verified user per lifetime. This unique combination of features ensures only real people use the site, greatly reduces the threat of trolling and bots and exposes abusive behavior to all users. 

"We want to restore public trust in journalism," Sullivan said. "The fourth estate is so critical to our democracy. TrueNews has a rich and dynamic interface and puts the power in the hands of users to strengthen and support journalists."

The crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo.

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