Charles O. Taylor’s New Book ‘Flip Flop the Rain Drop’ Follows a Young Raindrop as He Explores the Skies and Earth With His Friends to Learn About the Water Cycle

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Fulton Books author Charles O. Taylor, a motorcycle safety instructor with a passion for the arts, cartoon designing, and a variety of outdoor activities which molded his enthusiasm for the weather, has completed his most recent book "Flip Flop the Rain Drop: Book 1: The Water Cycle": a charming tale that follows the adventures of a special raindrop as he makes new friends and stands up to bully lightning bolts.

"Flip Flop the Raindrop is a special, brave, and curious raindrop who was born wearing flip-flops. He loves adventures and playing cloud games with his friends," writes Taylor. "During his adventures, he encounters storms, thunder, lighting, and strong winds. But he is brave. As his curiosity grew, so did Flip Flop the Raindrop and his friends.

"From condensation, with storm clouds forming around the raindrops, they began to fall quickly to earth, landing on trees, plants, dirt, and water. Flip Flop the Raindrop notices how his friends are sinking into the earth and soaking into the plants while he is the only raindrop left. He meets with children wearing flip-flops while playing on the beach. The children are excited to meet Flip Flop the Raindrop. He learns about the water cycle and how weather affects everyday life on earth."

Published by Fulton Books, Charles O. Taylor's book is a delightful story that is the perfect tool for parents and guardians to introduce how the water cycle works to young readers. With a big adventurous heart and a curious mind, readers of all ages will want to revisit the thrilling tales of Flip Flop and his friends over and over again.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase "Flip Flop the Rain Drop: Book 1: The Water Cycle" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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Original Source: Charles O. Taylor's New Book 'Flip Flop the Rain Drop' Follows a Young Raindrop as He Explores the Skies and Earth With His Friends to Learn About the Water Cycle
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