Author Zachary Ziolkowski’s New Audiobook ‘The Book of Keys’ is a Tool to Help One Build a Lasting Relationship With God by Understanding Key Tenets of His Teachings

Recent audiobook release "The Book of Keys" from Audiobook Network author Zachary Ziolkowski is a stirring and powerful guide to seeking out God and Christ in everyday life by understanding the lessons taught within the Bible. Ziolkowski lays out the path to spiritual freedom by guiding listeners through vital Biblical passages and explaining how to follow their messages as God intends.

FLORENCE, Wis. - October 14, 2022 - (

Zachary Ziolkowski, a farmer since birth and a devout follower of God and Christ, has completed his new audiobook "The Book of Keys": a stirring faith-based series of writings devoted to helping listeners open their minds and hearts to the teachings of the Bible and God's presence.

"This Christian book is not for the faint of heart," writes Ziolkowski. "No if fact it is for them stone hearts as it is a testimony of my faith and an explanation of how I got to where I am as a Christian. This book runs very deep in doctrine, is heavily coded in truth, and a puzzle for the Christian and non-Christian reader. This book is designed to help answer questions with keys we all face and, in so doing, awaken the reader's mind so that he or she may find their way out of a world of conformity. My father told me once, when I was a boy, that a pile of firewood could be brought down by simply removing the key piece. So the journey of my life has been to find the keys of life. Thankfully, God has made it pretty easy. My King James Version has served me well over the last five years. I wrote this book to be the light for my family, but I truly would be grateful if it could make it farther than my family. Whether I can sell this book or not, I believe God has had me write this testimony to profit Him. Writing this book has brought me a great joy, and I truly hope that you, as its reader, will experience its joy as well!"

Zachary Ziolkowski's new audiobook explores eighteen specific topics and guides listeners to the Biblical passages that provide answers and understanding to these aspects of life. Through his writings and conviction in his faith, Ziolkowski crafts an unforgettable handbook to reveal the meaning behind God's Holy Scripture, and how one can live each day in accordance with his holy word.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Book of Keys" by Zachary Ziolkowski through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Zachary Ziolkowski's New Audiobook 'The Book of Keys' is a Tool to Help One Build a Lasting Relationship With God by Understanding Key Tenets of His Teachings
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