Author Young Namkoong’s New Audiobook ‘The Gospel and Theology’ Shows Why the Gospel Should Be the Center of Theology as Well as in the Life of All Christians

Recent audiobook release "The Gospel and Theology" from Audiobook Network author Young Namkoong is an enlightening and thought-provoking analysis of what "the Gospel" really is according to the Scriptures, and why the Christian church celebrates and proclaims the resurrection of Jesus once a year. By placing the Gospel according to the Scriptures at the heart of one's life, Namkoong shows what it truly means to live a Christian life that follows the Apostles who were witnesses of Risen Jesus until their martyrdom.

LITHONIA, Ga. - October 14, 2022 - (

Young Namkoong, who has been in pastoral and teaching ministries for over 26 years and now works to proclaim the Gospel to others like the Apostles once did, has completed his new audiobook "The Gospel and Theology": a riveting and vital tool for the modern Christian to fully understand the Gospel and live completely and fully within God's wisdom and graces.

"The heart of Christianity had shifted from the Resurrection of Jesus to the Death of Jesus in the fourth century," writes Namkoong. "That's why we preach the Resurrection of Jesus only once a year as a special sermon while meditating, singing, preaching, and teaching about the Passion of Jesus so often. The Crucifixion of Jesus proves nothing. However, the Resurrection of Jesus proves everything about who Jesus is.

"The Resurrection proves that Jesus is the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, Yehowah God, who was born as a Child and given as a Son (Isaiah 9:6). The Resurrection proves that Jesus is who He claims to be. He is the Resurrection and the Life. He is the Root and the Offspring of David.

"Paul, in 2 Corinthians 13:5, urges to test ourselves whether we are in 'the Faith' and to prove ourselves. Otherwise, we are reprobates. To check whether you are in 'the Faith,' first, you must know what 'the Faith' is. In this book, you will discover the difference between "other gospels" and "the Gospel," and 'faith' and 'the Faith.'"

Published by Audiobook Network, author Young Namkoong's new audiobook is a powerful guide that will encourage Christians to approach the teachings of Christ in a new light, allowing them to fully accept Christ into their hearts and become an instrument for God's plan.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Gospel and Theology" by Young Namkoong through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Young Namkoong's New Audiobook 'The Gospel and Theology' Shows Why the Gospel Should Be the Center of Theology as Well as in the Life of All Christians
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