Author Linda Hanson, Ed.D.’s, New Book ‘Woman Up! Finding Equality Stories of American Women’ Explores the Riveting History of Women’s Equality in America

Recent release 'Woman Up! Finding Equality Stories of American Women' from Newman Springs Publishing author Linda Hanson, Ed.D., views historical events through the eyes of women in their pursuit of equality in the United States.

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. - December 20, 2022 - (

Linda Hanson, Ed.D., has completed her new book "Woman Up! Finding Equality Stories of American Women": a timely and engaging work that shares stories of generations of women and the author's own experiences that explore how history, legislation, and the evolution of thought from Seneca Falls to today's Supermajority continue to affect women in America. 

Author Linda Hanson, Ed.D., has had a 50-year career as a public school education art teacher, principal, superintendent, and small business owner. She has presented and published nationally on learning and leadership topics. She has a doctorate in education and has won numerous leadership awards.

Linda is married to a composer/symphony conductor and has three daughters and eight grandchildren, all of whom have contributed to her understanding of women in changing times. 

Linda introduces her work, writing, "Full disclosure: I saw the Beatles debut on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.' I have witnessed women looking for fairness in structures, norms, and rules for three-quarters of a century. When I stretch my conceptual arms to either side of my life, I touch three centuries of women. My grandmother was born in the nineteenth century, my daughters in the twentieth century, and my granddaughters in the twenty-first century, who, with today's life expectancy, may live into the twenty-second century. 'Woman Up!' recounts stories of generations of women across time. Each era witnesses challenges and defeats as well as triumphs of positive change. 'Woman Up!' explores the journey of women in the United States through the centuries who have demanded equality (equal opportunities and resources) and equity (opportunities and resources needed for each person to reach equal outcomes). 'Woman Up!' examines the relationships between women and language, societal norms, science, careers, legislative decisions, femicide, violence, eugenics, feminism, and other compelling topics." 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Linda Hanson, Ed.D.'s, informative work presents a complicated journey that shows how women collaborated—and all too often worked against each other—to win equality. The fascinating account invites readers to reflect on their own stories while being inspired to commit to advancing women's place in society. 

Readers who wish to experience this thought-provoking work can purchase "Woman Up! Finding Equality Stories of American Women" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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Original Source: Author Linda Hanson, Ed.D.'s, New Book 'Woman Up! Finding Equality Stories of American Women' Explores the Riveting History of Women's Equality in America
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