Author John P. Koza’s New Audiobook ‘Somebody Knows’ is a Stirring and Emotional Tale of Learning to Grow Through the Shared Experiences and Knowledge of One’s Elders

Recent audiobook release "Somebody Knows" from Audiobook Network author John P. Koza is a captivating story that follows the reflections of protagonist Matt Bin as he looks back over his life, recounting the valuable lessons he learns along the way. Despite not realizing it at the moment, Matt discovers just how fortunate he was to have the wisdom of those before him to help him grow.

CHICAGO - October 21, 2022 - (

John P. Koza, a proud grandfather of two and a retired Senior Occupational Therapist who spends his days reading, golfing, and spending time with his loved ones, has completed his new audiobook "Somebody Knows": a compelling and reflective tale that holds valuable lessons that listeners of all backgrounds can easily connect to.

"Matt Bin looks back on his life and realizes that those before him allowed him to grow and shared their experiences with him," writes Koza. "He realizes that at times he doesn't understand the 'wait until you get older' phrase. Yet he realizes that in the end, they were right. This is a story for kids of all ages, and it is something that anyone can relate to-no matter their present age."

Published by Audiobook Network, author John P. Koza's new audiobook is an imaginative and riveting story that paints the portrait of a man shaped by the knowledge and wisdom of those around him. Expertly paced and beautifully written, Koza shares a poignant and impactful journey for those seeking a narrative that will remain with them long after its conclusion and spark an introspective journey of their own.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Somebody Knows" by John P. Koza through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in the digital publishing industry. According to The Infinite Dial 2019, 50% of Americans age 12 and older have listened to an audiobook. This huge growth can be partly attributed to increased listening in cars, which surpassed the home as the #1 audiobook listening location in the 2019 survey. Smart speaker proliferation also bodes well for future listening growth and more mainstream listening. 

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Original Source: Author John P. Koza's New Audiobook 'Somebody Knows' is a Stirring and Emotional Tale of Learning to Grow Through the Shared Experiences and Knowledge of One's Elders
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