Author Dan Vivek Nathan, MBA, MSc, B.A, FCIM (U.K)’s New Book ‘Entrepreneurship Education Enriches Entrepreneurial Management in Digital Age’ is Available Now

Recent release 'Entrepreneurship Education Enriches Entrepreneurial Management in Digital Age' from Newman Springs Publishing author Dan Vivek Nathan, MBA, MSc, B.A, FCIM (U.K) offers an insightful perspective on entrepreneurship based on years of research and experience.

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Dan Vivek Nathan, MBA, MSc, B.A, FCIM (U.K), who holds double master's degrees and a professional postgraduate diploma in marketing management from the world-renowned The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, has completed his new book "Entrepreneurship Education Enriches Entrepreneurial Management in Digital Age": a simple, concise approach to entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial management that provides numerous recommendations and encouragement to entrepreneurs as well as students of entrepreneurship education, lecturers, and professors to pursue in today's digital age.

Author Dan Vivek Nathan has been previously working for groups of companies—Chesebrough-Pond's, EMI, Neiman Marcus, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Sears, Roebuck and Company—and many other major retail companies. With over four decades of experience in marketing, market research, marketing research, statistics, information systems, customer relations management, and entrepreneurship, Nathan offers decades of expertise in entrepreneurship and marketing. He has also written the book "Global Market/Marketing Research in 21st Century and Beyond," coming soon. He is a recipient of the 2021 CIM Fellowship badge/medal for his contribution to marketing management.

The author discusses his work, writing, "The objective of this book is to illuminate importance of entrepreneurship education that will distinctly enhance the entrepreneurial management in today's digital age. This book is particularly timely as a country's business ventures, start-ups, or SMEs are instrumental to economic development. Given the importance of business ventures /start-ups / SMEs to economic development, the author has recognized the need to increase the efficacy and efficiency of activities relevant to these enterprises. This book is meant for a wide spectrum of readers, including students and lecturers/professors, but more specifically for blooming entrepreneurs, would-be owners of small business ventures, and innovators who are exploring start-ups. This book is also a major step toward addressing the needs of entrepreneurship education as well as the entrepreneurial management in digital age. I have compiled seven chapters focusing on entrepreneurship from three perspectives, namely entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial management, and entrepreneurial management in digital age."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Dan Vivek Nathan, MBA, MSc, B.A, FCIM (U.K)'s informative work offers the key message that entrepreneurship education enhances entrepreneurial management in the digital economy. Digital economy requires a totally different entrepreneurial management mindset and approach to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises.

The work describes in a valuable manner for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers and teaching professionals in colleges/universities of all levels seeking to develop and sharpen their professional skills. The book is written and formatted as easy to read for both business and institutional professionals.

Readers who wish to experience this insightful work can purchase "Entrepreneurship Education Enriches Entrepreneurial Management in Digital Age" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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Original Source: Author Dan Vivek Nathan, MBA, MSc, B.A, FCIM (U.K)'s New Book 'Entrepreneurship Education Enriches Entrepreneurial Management in Digital Age' is Available Now
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