Animaccord and Crypto Global United Join Forces to Shape the Future of Digital Entertainment (and Launch MASHAVERSE)

MASHAVERSE: A Revolutionary Entertainment Metaverse for All Ages

Animaccord, the company behind the worldwide hit family animation "Masha and the Bear," is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership that will redefine the world of digital entertainment and create a unique metaverse experience known as the MASHAVERSE.

Animaccord is thrilled to unveil its strategic partnership with blockchain technology leader Crypto Global United (CGU) and to establish Animaccord DTC, a pioneering joint venture aimed at revolutionizing fan engagement and digital experiences. CGU is a collaboration of industry specialists including Afford.Capital and Chronotech that aims to launch an expansive metaverse, featuring web2 and web3 games, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and immersive digital experiences, all intricately woven around the beloved Masha and the Bear brand.

MASHAVERSE: A Revolutionary Entertainment Metaverse for all ages

Masha and the Bear, with its global audience of 243 million subscribers across 42 localized channels and a library of over 40 games, is set to launch the MASHAVERSE — a versatile platform combining web2 and web3 technology. This metaverse will offer a range of captivating features:

  • Entertainment: Immersive storytelling and interactive adventures that bring Masha and the Bear's world to life like never before.
  • Digital Collectibles: Fans can collect exclusive NFTs, owning unique digital assets tied to the Masha and the Bear universe.
  • Play-to-Reward: Users can engage in play-to-reward mechanics, earning rewards through in-game activities
  • Career Guidance and Talent Search: As a creative hub, the platform will offer career guidance for aspiring artists, animators, and content creators, as well as talent search initiatives to discover the next generation of digital storytellers.
  • Education and Training: Seamless integration of educational content and experiences, allowing users to learn while engaging with their favorite characters.

As part of this innovative partnership, CGU will leverage its expertise in blockchain technology and web3 development to bring the renowned Masha and the Bear brand into the exciting realm of web3. By combining Animaccord's captivating storytelling with CGU's technological prowess, the joint venture aims to create an unparalleled and immersive digital experience for fans of all ages. The MASHAVERSE will undergo carefully orchestrated phases to reach mass adoption:

  • Audience Expansion: Building upon the existing YouTube audience, the MASHAVERSE will open doors to a wider demographic through accessible platforms and engaging content.
  • Web 2 Entertainment Hub: A user-friendly web2 platform will launch, featuring interactive games and re-imagined episodes that extend the Masha and the Bear narrative.
  • Web 3 Enrichment: The metaverse will evolve into a fully-fledged web3 platform, integrating NFTs, play-to-reward mechanics, and proprietary tokenomics to deepen user engagement.

Together, Animaccord and CGU are poised to reshape entertainment paradigms and elevate the fan experience to unprecedented heights. The MASHAVERSE will not only celebrate the legacy of Masha and the Bear but will also foster a new era of digital creativity and collaboration.+

About Animaccord: 

Animaccord is an award-winning entertainment company and studio, which specializes in the development, production, and global distribution of premium-quality animation. Recognized as one of the TOP150 Global Licensors in 2023 (License Global, 2023), the company gained acclaim for its worldwide hit animated property, "Masha and the Bear," which holds the title of the most popular children's show globally (Parrot Analytics, 2023). Moreover, it boasts the Guinness World Records as the Most Watched Cartoon on YouTube, with the episode “Recipe for Disaster” that today counts over 4.5 billion views.

About Crypto Global United (CGU): Pioneering blockchain technology innovator CGU leads the charge in cultivating transformative experiences across industries. With an unwavering commitment to ushering blockchain and web3 technologies into mainstream adoption, CGU pioneers digital ecosystems that redefine the contours of human interaction.

About Afford Venture: Afford Venture thrives as a versatile ecosystem, encompassing startup scouting and proprietary scoring systems, syndication for B2B and retail investors, advisory services, capital raising, and the pivotal digital transformation of companies from web2 to web3. Afford Venture prides itself on identifying investment-worthy companies and nurturing startups through its in-house venture studio, providing expert advisory services, and securing essential capital.

About Chronotech: Chronotech is a multi faceted blockchain specialist with deep technical experience in web 3 gaming, workforce management and distributed ledger payment facilities.

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