AI Startup, Pitch Inc., Launches Personalized Coaching for Music Fans by Recording Artists

Coaching sessions are intended for 'shower singers' and available anytime, anywhere, and at low cost, using voice AI, the original master recordings, and voiceovers of the original recording artists acting as coaches.

LOS ANGELES - October 26, 2022 - (

Pitch Inc. has announced a new phone app, called Pitch Studio, that provides music fans the opportunity to learn to sing their favorite songs while being individually coached by the recording artists who perform them. The technology combines original music assets, a voice user interface that understands sung language, conversation AI, and context AI, to deliver incremental and individual coaching to every music fan.

The coach's voice is that of the performing artist, recorded and produced by Pitch. The music is the original master, licensed by Pitch from major music labels such as Universal Music Group, Concord Recorded Music, and others. The technology generates a recording mix on the go, combining the best takes of the user into a version that can be played along with the original music.

Pitch Inc. CEO Yanay Lehavi explains the inspiration for the app, "90% of the world's population loves popular music and, whether they'd admit it or not, most people sing out loud when nobody's around. Trouble is, this exhilarating moment quickly degrades to muted humming as most of us simply don't know the songs. Music labels haven't given us a good way to learn songs. In the 1960s, they had us read tiny letters off vinyl back covers. Now, 60 years later, they have us read fast-flying text on tiny phone screens. We showed them a better way, and they loved it." 

The Pitch session adapts to the user's skill level, and the user can return to the session indefinitely. Since the app uses voice to communicate, it can be enjoyed while being stuck in traffic, out for a walk, or at home. Pitch employs educational theory techniques to enhance memory retention and make the song "stick." For example, when needed, the coach will offer to play a memory game that's centered around the lyrics being learned.

Pitch artist-coaches plant surprise messages in the sessions: tips, techniques, and personal stories never published elsewhere. Similarly to computer games, these messages unlock as the user improves or at least demonstrates good effort. Pitch believes that the beneficial effects of singing on our mental and physical health must be made accessible to everyone, not just the lucky few who sound good. "Music," says Lehavi, "should not be about how you sound but rather about how it makes you feel."

About Pitch Inc.

Pitch Inc. is an L.A-based startup headed by tech veteran founder and CEO Yanay Lehavi. The company's technology is voice-first, and mobile-first, and currently targeting the entertainment industry. Pitch's core R&D interests are computer-assisted human learning, voice human-machine interaction, and electronic personal coaching. Pitch collaborates with major music labels and their artists to bring Pitch Studio to music fans around the world.

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