Zeto Introduces New Features for Clinical Research Applications to Address the Growing Need for Rapid Brain Monitoring in Health Sciences

The company plans to leverage its platform technology to improve access and quality to medical EEG testing and to enable and improve adjacent biomedical research and clinical trials.

Zeto, Inc., an innovative EEG brain monitoring company, announced its participation in the upcoming Vision Sciences Society (VSS) annual meeting in St. Pete Beach, Florida, from May 19-24.

The Vision Sciences Society (VSS) Annual Meeting is a premier gathering that covers the broad scope of vision science. The meeting brings together experts from various disciplines, including visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience, computational vision, and visual cognition. As part of this event, Zeto, Inc. will showcase its latest product features tailored for EEG in clinical research applications.

Originally developed for the rapid acquisition of clinical EEGs in hospitals and clinical practices, Zeto is responding to an increasing number of requests from researchers and clinical research organizations (CROs) who share a common need for high-quality EEGs recorded more efficiently compared to traditional technologies. 

The research features introduced by Zeto include the ability to record timing-precise event-related potentials (ERPs) through its unified cloud platform. Users can now benefit from the ease and security of Zeto's cloud interface yet maintaining sub-millisecond precision on input and output event markers which are crucial for high-end ERP data acquisition. This cloud platform is particularly relevant for CROs and large-scale multi-site research projects, providing a central place for data access and management.

With advanced API features, state-of-the-art encryption and user management, researchers can conveniently interact with EEG and synchronized video data using commonly available scripting languages such as Python®, MATLAB® or most other programming languages. This significantly speeds up the ability to process large multi-site datasets and fosters collaboration and synergies among multi-center stakeholders.

"Zeto has been providing tremendous value for our clinical customers in hospitals and private practices, but we are particularly excited to now offer the convenience of Zeto EEG to CROs and cutting-edge researchers," says Florian Strelzyk, Chief Sales Officer at Zeto. "The ease of use, comfort, and refined feel of our products will open up a wide range of new opportunities to bring EEG out of the lab and into research environments that are closely related to the topics they study. Imagine the possibilities ahead with a platform that is quick to apply and easy to work with. Successful research frequently relies on large teams extracting clinical findings efficiently, and Zeto can provide this multi-user experience like no other tool currently available." 

About Zeto

Zeto, Inc. is an award-winning, privately held medical technology company located in Santa Clara, California, focused on transforming the way electroencephalography is done in clinical and research settings. Zeto's revolutionary FDA-cleared headset is backed by a cloud data and software platform, a real-time LSL-based API, and a TTL-based trigger device for ERP studies.

Contact Information:
Irina Nazarova
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Original Source: Zeto Introduces New Features for Clinical Research Applications to Address the Growing Need for Rapid Brain Monitoring in Health Sciences
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