VetVerifi and Bitwerx Announce Partnership, Transforming Health Data Verifications for the Pet Economy

VetVerifi and Bitwerx join forces with a strategic investment and partnership to build the future of how the pet economy securely verifies health data, better connecting veterinarians with their pet care partners.

VetVerifi and Bitwerx Join Forces

VetVerifi and Bitwerx Announce Strategic Partnership

VetVerifi Inc., a technology company specializing in innovative data solutions for the pet care economy, and Bitwerx, Inc., an industry-leading software company focused on providing data-driven health benefitting the veterinary market, practice and veterinary healthcare teams, proudly announce their strategic investment and partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of pet health data management.

The collaboration brings together VetVerifi's cutting-edge technologies and Bitwerx's trusted expertise in veterinary data systems, data standardization and connectivity, providing a powerful synergy that will streamline and enhance the way veterinary professionals securely enable heath data access to their pet care partners from pet services to housing to the workplace.

VetVerifi co-founder and Partner Tim Ridgway expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Bitwerx. Our shared vision of leveraging technology to improve outcomes in clinical and non-clinical applications aligns perfectly, and this collaboration will undoubtedly revolutionize how veterinarians efficiently and securely collaborate with their partners who rely on the access to vital pet health data daily."

Likewise, Bitwerx co-founder and CEO Jason Jaggers conveyed excitement about the partnership. "Bitwerx is excited to team up with VetVerifi. Our veterinary data expertise and capabilities combined with their verification technology will empower veterinarians to make better-informed decisions while enhancing communication and engagement across the pet economy."

The strategic investment and partnership between VetVerifi and Bitwerx signifies a groundbreaking moment for the pet care industry. Both companies are committed to creating a digital infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with existing veterinary practice management systems, making pet health data more accessible, secure, and actionable for the organizations that rely on verified patient records every day.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. As a result of this collaboration, Bitwerx joins VetVerifi's board of directors, cementing their commitment to driving future growth and innovation in the pet care economy. 

About VetVerifi: VetVerifi is a data and technology company at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for the pet care market, better connecting veterinarians with their pet care partners. Our mission is to make pet care collaboration better beyond the clinic. To learn more, visit

About Bitwerx: Bitwerx is a data-driven software company located in the heart of the Bluegrass. With deep and broad knowledge in the veterinary and dental markets, our team of data nerds, coders, and industry experts helps partners leverage practice data to improve medical outcomes, practice profitability, and the customer journey. To learn more, visit

For media inquiries or more information, please contact: 

David Servodidio
Co-Founder & Partner
VetVerifi Inc.
[email protected]

Contact Information:
David Servodidio
Co-Founder & Partner
[email protected]

Original Source: VetVerifi and Bitwerx Announce Partnership, Transforming Health Data Verifications for the Pet Economy
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