US Congressional Candidate, Nate Cain, Calls on Leaders to Address The Response Failures in Paden City Water Crisis & Provides Solutions

Republican Conservative Unveils Recommendations for Comprehensive Plan to Ensure Life-Sustaining Services for the People of Paden City Aiming to Prevent Future Crisis

PADEN CITY, W. Va., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nate Cain, Republican Congressional Candidate for West Virginia’s 2nd District, calls for a critical review of the leadership’s response to the Paden City water crisis. He presents recommendations aimed at strengthening emergency response capabilities. These measures prioritize the delivery of life-sustaining services, not only to benefit communities in West Virginia, but also as a blueprint for averting future crises nationwide. “This must never happen again. There must be ways available to Paden City residents to ensure access to water during a crisis that maintains their standard of living. Not only do they need bottled water that was provided, but they also need water to launder clothes and for daily hygiene, which they did not have access to for a month,” Nate Cain emphatically states.

The crisis in Paden City, which left residents without access to clean water, resulted from a treatment-plant malfunction that released the hazardous solvent tetrachloroethylene into the water supply. Prior to this recent crisis, the EPA had already designated Paden City’s groundwater as a national Superfund cleanup priority due to significant health and environmental risks associated with contamination by this solvent.

Cain proposes that a thorough after-action review is necessary to assess how the Emergency Response to the crisis failed and to develop a new plan to prevent future disasters. Cain’s proposed recommendations include the following:

  • Create an environmental disaster strategy for cities susceptible to water crises, ensuring timely access to essential services such as showers, laundry facilities, and water distribution
  • Administer regular monthly testing of EPA-listed Superfund sites
  • Shorten test result timeframes
  • Increased testing sites availability to minimize response times
  • Implement a backup system in Paden City, i.e., implement an activated charcoal redundant system
  • Diversify public notifications, especially in areas with elderly populations and those who do not have internet services:
  • Compensate individuals and businesses directly affected by the public utility shutdown

He strongly stresses the responsibility of elected officials to get actively involved. Visit the site. Meet the people. Nate Cain recently visited Paden City to engage with residents to understand their concerns and immediate needs. He has created a short documentary addressing the Paden City crisis, with the aim of increasing awareness: Hung Out To Dry

The Paden City water crisis is a matter of significant concern. Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected community during this challenging time. Nate Cain is committed to addressing this critical situation and raising awareness of the potential for similar crises across the United States.

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Nate Cain is the original FBI Whistleblower written about in the Daily Caller. The information he blew the whistle on is described in the Durham Report, submitted to the Judiciary Committee, the Hearing on the Report of Special Counsel John Durham, page 78. After facing retribution for being a whistleblower, his home raided, identity doxed, and career destroyed, Nate relocated to West Virginia where he has since rebuilt his life, starting his own cybersecurity company, Cain & Associates. Nate is an expert in cybersecurity of 26 years and has worked extensively on election integrity, having been called on as an expert witness and cyber forensic investigator by the Donald Trump White House in the 2020 election. Nate Cain is now running as the true Republican Conservative for US Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District, focused heavily on reigning in government abuses of power and restoring our constitutionally protected rights, strengthening of National Security, and breaking the burden of federal regulation on West Virginia’s prosperity. @NateCain4WV 

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