Therap Services Introduces Therap Connect, an Automated Data Capturing Tool for Helping Caregivers to Provide Person-Centered Care and Better Support

TORRINGTON, Conn., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leading provider of data-driven, HIPAA-compliant electronic documentation solutions for human services settings has introduced Therap Connect, an application that helps providers automatically document essential information about the Individuals they support to improve quality of care.

The Therap Connect’s initial tools include:

  • Sleep Insights – Gives a deep understanding of how the supported Individuals are sleeping, including sleep duration and quality.
  • Body Composition – Builds a comprehensive profile of body structure while eliminating manual data entry for body weight, hydration and more.
  • Vital Signs – Tracks blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and more with data visualizations and trend monitoring all in one place.

These tools help organizations to monitor data and analyze trends regarding the individual’s fitness level, sleep patterns, and vital signs. With permission driven access, the users’ admin team will determine who can view and control the data that is being collected. Recorded data will be available as per an agency’s needs and will be secure from unauthorized access.

The Therap team has spent decades addressing the challenges and creating new possibilities for service providers in the Human Services industry. The Therap Connect system is designed to make automated data capture technology usable and beneficial to service providers based on the unique needs of the industry. The creation of Therap Connect represents the next evolution of service provision in the Home and Community Based Services field, along with an array of devices and functionalities currently in the works.

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About Therap

Therap’s comprehensive and HIPAA-compliant software is used in human services settings for documentation, communication, reporting, EVV and billing.

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