Statement by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Senate Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

Millions of Americans Poised to See Lower Health Care Costs, Get Relief from High Prescription Drug Prices

Today, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra issued the following statement after Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which will lower health care costs for America’s families:

“We all have the right to high-quality, affordable health care. As the Secretary of HHS, I am proud that because of the American Rescue Plan and other Biden-Harris Administration efforts, more people than ever before have health insurance coverage. Today, with Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, we are on the cusp of even more relief for America’s families when it comes to affording the health care they rely on and deserve.

“With this bill, millions of Americans will see lower health care costs. The Inflation Reduction Act locks in premiums that save 13 million people an average of $800 per year. For anyone who relies on Medicare, the bill will put a $2,000 cap on their out-of-pocket costs for the prescription drugs that they need. In addition, it will do something that we have tried – and failed – to do in Washington for decades – allow Medicare to negotiate a better deal on prescription drugs.

“No one should have to go without health care or a prescription they need because they can’t afford it.”

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