State-Based Health Exchanges Achieve Unprecedented Enrollment, Providing Access to Health Insurance for Millions

 Record-breaking open enrollment period showcases the success of state-based exchanges and highlights increased accessibility to comprehensive health coverage for individuals and families.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GetInsured, the leading provider of state-based health insurance exchange (SBE) technology platforms and associated consumer assistance centers, is celebrating the success of state clients during the record-breaking open enrollment period for plan year 2024. More than 21 million people enrolled for coverage, making it the third year in a row that Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment hit record levels.

The surge in enrollments is, in part, a ripple effect of policy adjustments that culminated in 2023. Medicaid’s continuous enrollment, enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, came to end, and millions of Americans were disenrolled. But, due to the extension of enhanced tax credits from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) those who lost Medicaid coverage had the opportunity to find affordable coverage on the exchanges. The resolution of the “family glitch” last year also expanded federal subsidies to millions of family members, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds.

“Our partnership with GetInsured, which began in 2014, has played a crucial role in the enrollment and eligibility process for our consumers. The move to real-time eligibility in 2022 simplified the process even further, which is evidenced by our 61% enrollment growth since the integration. This open enrollment period alone saw a 31% enrollment increase,” said Pat Kelly, Executive Director of Your Health Idaho. “The collaboration has not only improved the accessibility of comprehensive coverage for Idahoans but has also contributed to the overall wellbeing of thousands of residents, a statistic that is in many ways immeasurable.”

As a result of these policy changes, as well as each state’s marketing and outreach efforts, each of GetInsured’s client states announced an increase in enrollment over the previous year.

  • Last year, Your Health Idaho, Idaho’s health insurance marketplace, transitioned to a modern real-time eligibility system that delivers tax credit results in seconds and entails tight integration and collaboration with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. This tight integration was critical to the state’s 31% conversion rate of Idahoans moving from Medicaid to a marketplace plan during unwinding.
  • Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace, in its inaugural year, experienced a nearly 14% increase in enrollments, with over 400,000 Virginians signing up for coverage. This increase is an example of how state-specific marketing and outreach available to state-based exchanges helps to grow enrollment.
  • The Minnesota exchange, MNsure, which is also planning to upgrade its eligibility system next year, increased enrollment by 12%, enrolling more than 135,000 consumers.
  • Nevada Health Link recently announced that 99,312 Nevadans enrolled in health insurance plans, making it the second-highest total in the state’s history.
  • Washington Health Benefit Exchange also achieved exceptional results, with more than 272,494 Washingtonians renewing or signing up for health insurance plans—an 18% increase over last year.
  • Pennsylvania’s state-based exchange, Pennie®, reported an impressive figure of nearly 435,000 enrollees, representing a significant 17% increase compared to the previous year.
  • Get Covered New Jersey enrolled more than 366,000 New Jersey residents in the first nine weeks of the Open Enrollment Period that started on November 1, 2023. As of week nine, overall plan selection totals were already at an all-time high and were up 14 percent compared to the same time period last year. The state of New Jersey offers residents access to additional premium savings through a state subsidy program only available through Get Covered New Jersey.
  • Georgia Access, which operated this year as a state-based exchange on the Federal platform (SBE-FP) as it transitions to a full state-based exchange, saw a 33% increase in enrollment. This year, Georgia had tighter control on marketing and outreach thanks to the data available on the SBE platform, which contributed to the state’s large increase.

“We are proud to have had our technology play a part in providing peace of mind to individuals and families across the country,” said Chini Krishnan, Founder and CEO at GetInsured. “We remain focused on our mission of making affordable health care accessible to all, contributing to the overall well-being of our clients and communities.”

The increased enrollment volume was also seen in the GetInsured Consumer Assistance Center, which plays a critical role in helping consumers. The team fielded 560,000 calls this open enrollment period, which is a more than 15% increase in call volume over last year for existing state call centers. Despite the higher call volumes, average wait times stayed below 30 seconds and the overall consumer satisfaction rating for the open enrollment period was 94%.

As policy changes continue to shape the landscape of health care, our platform and consumer assistance center team will adapt to meet the evolving needs of both states and individuals.

About GetInsured

GetInsured is a leading technology provider for state-based health insurance exchanges, offering an ACA-compliant cloud-based SaaS technology platform and integrated consumer assistance center operations. Our platform empowers states to run their exchanges efficiently, achieve cost savings, and have greater autonomy over their insurance markets, contributing to broader health reform goals. With a trusted track record, GetInsured serves as a technology partner for states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, Minnesota, Idaho, and Washington, delivering exceptional service and seamless interactions for agents, brokers, assisters, and consumers alike.

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