Shoreline Recovery Center Places Increased Priority on Post-Detox Care Following Addiction, Substance Use Treatment

As an alcohol and drug rehab facility, San Diego-based Shoreline Recovery Center provides patients with specialized post-treatment services designed to help them maximize coping mechanisms and maintain a sober lifestyle. Available as part of rehab services, programs offered by certified addiction specialists and mental health counselors include resources for patients learning to offset individual cravings and triggers. There is no easy way through addiction, but once a person has gone through detox in a residential treatment program, the path to sobriety becomes much more clear. A significant accomplishment in itself, post-detox wellness is the next necessary and critical step toward living a healthy lifestyle. However, it's a disciplined process to get there.

Each plan is tailored to the individual receiving it based on their needs and preferences, specifically activities and interventions, incorporated into a well-designed treatment plan. For patients in the throes of post-acute withdrawal, Shoreline Recovery Center educates clients to ensure they're aware of what to expect and that doctors know where they're at in recovery. 

"It's so much more than just putting down their substance of choice and it's important that our patients understand that," said Kate Judd, Executive Director of Shoreline Recovery Center. "There are biological, psychological and social factors that play into their circumstances."

Craig Burson, Shoreline's Director of Business Development, agreed. "It's a matter of taking a look at the way clients are living their lives. There's a need to overhaul the way they've been living so they learn different ways to manage their sobriety."

Along with certain genetic components, daily influences and environmental factors, once a patient has safely completed the detox phase, they're also able to learn by watching other seasoned men in recovery who provide newer patients with much-needed advice and counsel. 

"Ultimately, it's about giving these men freedom of choice and providing encouragement for their dreams, goals and aspirations so they can reach sobriety," Judd said.

Aftercare programs can develop more skills and techniques for patients to maintain a less stressful and drug-free life as they're taught the best ways to sustain their sobriety and maintain responsibilities while remaining free of addictive and harmful substances. Everything they're taught while in the post-detox phase are tools to save their life.

"Making sure a client follows their discharge plan is the most important thing when they leave our care," Judd said. This includes staying connected to a support system, including their sponsor, attending meetings, counseling sessions and developing healthy coping skills.

At Shoreline Recovery Center, a successful post-detox experience is one that leads to long-term sobriety and the ability to create a life the patient wouldn't jeopardize by relapsing.

"The goal is that we're able to move these guys through their substance use and behaviors so they graduate from having a negative impact on society to being able to positively contribute to the surrounding community," Burson said.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Craig Burson
Business Development Director
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Original Source: Shoreline Recovery Center Places Increased Priority on Post-Detox Care Following Addiction, Substance Use Treatment
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