Seniors Resource Center Offers Trishaw Program to its Clients

Being a Trishaw Passenger Provides SRC Clients with the “Wind in Your Hair” Experience That Can Bring Back Happy Memories

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo., Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clients at Seniors Resource Center, a provider of in-home and on-site services for older adults, are now enjoying rides in a piloted three-wheel cycle called a trishaw. The clients sit up front as they are pedaled around the neighborhood, enjoying the sights, smells, sounds and wind-in-your-hair feeling that cyclists have always loved.

SRC’s trishaw is a three-wheel, electric assist cycle with a forward bench that carries one to two passengers with a certified pilot sitting directly behind, steering. The trishaw is called a rickshaw in much of the world. While SRC uses its trishaw entirely for recreational purposes, the rickshaw is the workhorse of the cycling world, transporting people and goods where they need to go.

“As an avid outdoorsman, cyclist, and Colorado native, I know the amazing benefits of being outside and having wind in your hair and sun on your skin,” said Chris Lynn, CEO of SRC. “I first had the opportunity to ‘pilot’ our trishaw for three of our Adult Day Program guests. I’m not sure who had more fun, them or me! The smiles, the waving of hands, the expressions of awe and wonder, were so heartwarming and natural. All these guests loved seeing flowers and trees, kids playing in the playground, dogs running in the park, and laughed when we rode under the huge weeping willow tree.”

SRC sponsors have made the trishaw program possible, and Lynn says he’s still looking for sponsors to cover the costs associated with the new offering. “We were so impressed by the experiences the trishaw could offer our clients that we launched the program as fast as possible, not waiting to get all our sponsors lined up. We knew this was something that our clients shouldn’t have to wait to experience.”

SRC worked locally with the organization Miles of Smiles to purchase their trishaw from Copenhagen Cycles and Cycling Without Age, both located in Denmark. The organizations are committed to getting trishaws out to everyone who can benefit from them.

“Trishaw experiences facilitate social interactions by providing a meeting place and the opportunity for communicating, thus cultivating engagement and providing an enhanced sense of belonging,” noted the Miles of Smiles website. “We are breaking the barriers affecting residents—getting them outside, interacting, and using outdoor space.”

For information about helping sponsor the trishaw program at SRC, contact Teresa Devine, SRC Director of Development, at 303.238.8151.

About Seniors Resource Center

Seniors Resource Center is dedicated to enhancing the independence, dignity, and quality of life for older adults in the Metro Denver Area. We believe older adults are a vital part of our community. At Seniors Resource Center, we provide an array of services that enable older adults to remain in their homes and thrive. Services such as in-home care and our Adult Day Program provide life-enriching activities and support both older adults and their caregivers. We help older adults remain independent and engaged. SRC can be reached via phone at 303.238.8151

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