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WASHINGTON , Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Safe water… is a human right many of us take for granted. Most never realize the exposures to potentially deadly waterborne pathogens lurking in our public water. Prevent Legionnaires’, a newly formed nonprofit, not only recognizes the risks but is also dedicated to raising awareness, conducting education, advocating and advancing research to prevent it. President of the board, Tonya Winders states, “For those living with compromised immune or lung health, Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal. In fact, 1 in 3 high-risk patients who contract the disease will die from it.”

Gwen Hanlon, board member, knows all too well the pain this disease can bring as she lost her 46 year-old husband Kevin due to Legionnaires’. She is now a single mother to two young children navigating life without her best friend. Moreover, Dr. Renee Matthews joined the board to educate her peers on the signs and symptoms of Legionnaires’ because time is of the essence. Dr Matthews states, “It is vital to test for Legionnaires’ and quickly treat with the appropriate antibiotics in order to reduce the risk of community-acquired pneumonia which can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS.”

Prevent Legionnaires’ will also work closely with the Alliance to Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease (APLD) to advocate for best practices and public policies. APLD has been working across the US for the past eight years to address this public health concern.

Prevent Legionnaires’ aims to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to this waterborne pathogen. The organization will host and attend events like this week’s One Water Summit in Tucson, Arizona, to bring greater awareness and understanding of the proper lines of prevention.

Prevent Legionnaires’ has a goal to raise $10,000 by Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, to amplify the voice of the nearly 800 victims who have died this year alone due to this disease. These funds will be utilized to deploy a community awareness and education campaign in early 2024 targeted to underserved communities and individuals at higher risk.

Please join us in this important effort to ensure safe water for all!

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