Readout: Secretary Becerra meeting with Minister of Health of Uganda

On Tuesday, October 5, Secretary Xavier Becerra had a call with the Honorable Minister Jane Aceng Ocera, Minister of Health of Uganda to discuss the current outbreak of Ebolavirus.  Secretary Becerra emphasized that the United States and HHS stand ready and willing to support Uganda throughout this challenging period, and commended the Minister and her team for their efforts to date.

Minister Aceng introduced her team and emphasized her appreciation to the HHS team and for the U.S. government’s unwavering support for Uganda.  She listed some of the ways she recognized HHS has been helping during the outbreak and articulated additional ways that HHS could provide additional support.  She further discussed a strong desire to invest in the communities, as she noted this is critical to ending this outbreak.

Secretary Becerra confirmed that we will continue to support Uganda, and that he would direct relevant offices across the department to engage directly with Minister Aceng’s team.  He also expressed his deepest sympathy for those who lost their lives, and his thoughts and well wishes for those who are in treatment currently.  Minister Aceng thanked Secretary Becerra for his sentiment and the U.S. for the commitment to supporting Uganda.

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