Radiation Shield Technologies and HUMA-LAB APEKO Unite to Enhance Nuclear Safety in Czech Slovak Republic

MIAMI, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) celebrates a strategic partnership with HUMA-LAB APEKO, s.r.o., driving a significant boost in Demron technology suit sales in the Czech Slovak Republic. This success showcases RST’s competitive edge in the European and global markets for nuclear protective gear.

Demron suits, known for their innovative radiation-blocking properties and flexibility, have become the go to alternative to traditional lead-based protective gear, reflecting the region’s commitment to advanced nuclear safety. “Our collaboration with HUMA-LAB APEKO and the remarkable market reception of Demron Suits highlight our technology’s global relevance and our role in advancing safety measures, “stated Ronald DeMeo, MD. MBA, CEO of RST.

For more than 20 years, RST has pioneered high-performance, multi-hazard fabrics employing Demron for military, firefighters, NASA, aerospace, law enforcement and medical personnel. Demron combines the metallic properties of gamma radiation reduction, trauma reduction and thermal conductivity with advanced nano polymer technology and is uniquely capable of providing true anti-nuclear protection and heat stress reduction without compromising chemical or biological hazard protection.

In an ever-changing world, nuclear radiation protection has never been more relevant. Demron’s product line currently includes full-body suits, vests, blankets, and shields.

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SOURCE Radiation Shield Technologies

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