RAAPID Files Clinical Predictive and Monitoring Risk Adjustment Workflow Patent to Revolutionize Healthcare [US]

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RAAPID, a key player in healthcare Risk Adjustment technology and professional services company, announces the filing of a transformative patent for a workflow designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of risk adjustment processes in healthcare, which payers and providers can use. This innovation marks a significant leap in clinical predictive and monitoring systems for risk adjustment, especially in the Medicare Advantage (MA) sector.

RAAPID has filed a patent for a dual-solution workflow within the common platform, ingeniously segmented to boost the efficiency of the risk adjustment process. The first component, a retrospective workflow, caters to payers and Medicare Advantage health plan members. This innovative approach focuses on precisely identifying and submitting chronic conditions (HCC codes), optimizing accuracy and compliance in Risk Adjustment Data – for Medicare Advantage members.

In parallel, the prospective review workflow targets providers, payers, and health plans. It proactively summarizes a patient’s existing chronic conditions being treated, potentially missed historic chronic conditions (care gaps), and suspecting emerging conditions – before the patient meets the physician. This proactive strategy significantly enhances patient outcomes and healthcare delivery efficiency.

Additionally, the patent includes a pre-visit review workflow. This end-to-end workflow prepares a comprehensive summary for the pre-care team and the provider, applicable to both scheduled patients and entire patient lists, depending on the provider’s or payer’s needs. This adaptability and scalability make the system highly versatile across various healthcare environments.

RAAPID’s latest patent underscores its dedication to innovation and excellence in healthcare technology and solutions. By improving the accuracy and efficiency of risk adjustment processes, RAAPID is set to impact the healthcare industry substantially, benefiting payers, health plans, providers, and patients alike.

For further information about RAAPID and its cutting-edge solutions, visit www.raapid.ai

About RAAPID –

RAAPID is a healthcare technology and professional services company serving payers, healthcare providers, and other support organizations. Their platform uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), medically trained natural language processing (NLP), and knowledge graphs to power workflow applications that help healthcare organizations shift to value-based care. RAAPID’s cloud-based Risk Adjustment solutions – SaaS and API – take structured and unstructured patient data to extract accurate chronic conditions and determine the corresponding codes, calculate risk scores, identify gaps in care, and analyze population health trends. RAAPID enables payers, providers, and other organizations participating in Medicare Advantage, ACA commercial, and Medicare ACO programs to drive revenue and reduce administrative costs with customized solutions.

A workflow designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of risk adjustment processes in healthcare, which can be used by payers and providers

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