President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone to Launch Revolutionary Telemedicine Preventive Healthcare Project in 2023

Sierra Leone, in collaboration with ILMedicare, is launching a groundbreaking healthcare project aimed at transforming medical services and making them accessible to all.

Sierra Leone Ambassador Umaru B. Wurie, Special Advisor to the President and Ambassador at Large, is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary healthcare project in collaboration with ILMedicare. The project, which will be launched before the end of Q2 2023, is aimed at transforming the healthcare system of Sierra Leone, making healthcare services accessible to everyone, including those in remote areas, which has been the dream of the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio.

The President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Julius Maada Bio, has invested a significant amount of time and resources into improving the country's healthcare system and health prevention. This telemedicine project was assigned to Ambassador Umaru B. Wurie who has been working diligently to bring it to fruition.

"I am pleased about the progress we are making in transforming the healthcare system in Sierra Leone," said President Bio. "Ambassador Umaru has been working hard to bring this project to fruition, and I am confident that it will make a significant impact in improving the health of our people."

The healthcare project is a multi-faceted approach that combines telemedicine services, prevention centers, and the expansion of healthcare services to remote areas with no clinics. The telemedicine services provided by ILMedicare will offer real-time medical consultations and treatment to patients, connecting them to top-notch doctors from Europe and Israel. The telemedicine kits are equipped with innovative technology that allows doctors to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients remotely. The project will provide access to preventive care and early disease detection, ultimately reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

Prevention centers will be established with the ministry of health and will focus on health education, disease prevention, and early detection through regular check-ups and screenings. The project will also work with local communities to establish healthcare centers in remote areas and provide access to basic healthcare services.

Dr. Petros Agathangelou, Governor for ISCP of Cyprus and President of the Cyprus Medical Association, will be heading the project and overseeing its implementation in Sierra Leone in collaboration with the ministry of health of Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Umaru B. Wuri's dedication to the healthcare sector has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. He has quietly worked tirelessly to advance the health care system and services of Sierra Leone and he is the emissary of the President of Sierra Leone in this project.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this project given to me by his excellency the president, which will bring positive changes to the healthcare system of Sierra Leone," said Ambassador Umaru B. Wuri. "The support of the President of Sierra Leone and ILMedicare has been invaluable, and I am confident that the project will make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Sierra Leoneans when launched."

The combination of telemedicine, prevention centers, and expanded healthcare services to remote areas is a unique approach that will revolutionize healthcare in Sierra Leone. This project will significantly benefit millions of people across the country and bring healthcare services to those who need it most.

Contact Information:
Umaru B. Wuri
Special Advicer to the President & Ambassador at Large
[email protected]

Original Source: President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone to Launch Revolutionary Telemedicine Preventive Healthcare Project in 2023
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