Panoramic Health Propels Integrated Value-Based Care in Texas Through a Strategic Partnership With San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

Panoramic Health, the Largest Physician-Led CKCC Participant, Drives Integrated, Value-Based Care to Patients With CKD-ESRD in South Texas Through Its Partnership With San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

Panoramic Health, the nation's leading integrated, physician-led, value-based kidney care platform announces its strategic partnership with San Antonio Kidney Disease Center (SAKDC), a distinguished nephrology practice serving South Texas. This collaboration marks Panoramic Health's sixth partnership with leading nephrology practices in Texas within the last year. Panoramic Health is the premier clinically oriented, value-based care platform improving patient outcomes and slowing disease progression for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). 

Panoramic Health continues its rapid expansion in Texas through SAKDC and other recent partnerships with prominent nephrology practices including Renal Associates, P.A. (RAPA) and The Kidney Institute (TKI), extending its reach to a diverse population approaching 100,000 patients in key metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. This strategic partnership with SAKDC integrates Panoramic Health's industry-leading predictive analytics, clinical workflows, and holistic care coordination across SAKDC's offices. 

As the country's largest physician-led CKCC program participant, Panoramic Health is increasing access to holistic care at reduced costs for more than 30,000 Medicare beneficiaries in 18 Kidney Contracting Entities (KCEs) managing more than $1.5 billion in risk spending.

"We deeply appreciate our existing partnership with SAKDC in Panoramic Health's CKCC program. Their swift recognition of Panoramic Health's value as a partner has allowed us to enter into a more comprehensive partnership beyond their original value-based care affiliation with us," stated Rocky Chanana, Senior VP of Business Development. "SAKDC will continue to maintain clinical autonomy while leveraging Panoramic Health's integrated, holistic, value-based care platform and support services, leading to improved patient outcomes while enabling the nephrologist to remain at the center of care delivery." 

Panoramic Health's state-of-the-art tools and technologies, including its largest, real-time CKD database, powers predictive analytics and data-driven care interventions for patients in South Texas.

"This new partnership will further support our group's mission to providing comprehensive and innovative patient-centered care to South Texas. We are committed to helping lead the nephrology community in collaboration with Panoramic Health as we transition to value-based care and population health management while further supporting kidney transplantation and innovative research for kidney disease," said Dr. Wesley Calhoun, President of SAKDC. 

About Panoramic Health 

Panoramic Health is the nation's leading integrated physician-led value-based kidney care organization and the largest physician-led CKCC participant. Panoramic Health remains committed to keeping nephrologists independent, relevant, and at the center of care delivery. Panoramic Health's value-based care delivery platform is driven by proprietary, predictive data analytics and clinical workflows underpinned by one of the world's largest clinical chronic kidney disease ("CKD") data warehouses that enable nephrologists to deliver better patient outcomes through value-based care and clinical research. Panoramic Health's Clinical Research division partners with sponsors and clinical research organizations to bring cutting-edge treatments to patients with kidney disease. For more information, visit

About San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

SAKDC was founded in 1978 and has 20 office locations serving patients with CKD and ESRD. With 30 dialysis centers and affiliations with 15 hospitals, SAKDC ensures comprehensive care for its patients. The board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners at SAKDC deliver compassionate, individualized care across a range of services including advanced hospital treatments, kidney transplant procedures, and outpatient dialysis. 

In addition, SAKDC offers free classes on kidney health, diet, and disease prevention, facilitated by full-time educators. Guided by an understanding of each patient's unique needs and lifestyle, the medical professionals at SAKDC develop personalized and customized treatment plans. For more information about San Antonio Kidney Disease Center, please visit the website at

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