Organizations for the Caring Workplace Partnership Program Announced

“We are thrilled to collaborate with these forward-thinking organizations,” said Misty Janks, CEO of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (CFCC). “Their dedication to creating a caring workplace and prioritizing employee well-being aligns with our vision for this program. We believe these partnerships present a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth while positively impacting each organization and its community.”

The Caring Workplace partnership provides evidence-based programming and resources to participating organizations to build a workplace based on trust, connection, recognition, meaningful work, and continuous learning. The partnership with CFCC represents a transformative journey ahead of each organization, promoting a culture that extends beyond the workplace and positively influences the communities they serve. 

“The long-term nature of this partnership ensures sustained growth and development, enhancing the capabilities of each organization,” said Micki Gibbs, CFCC Director of Caring Workplaces.

Organizations that show accountability for a caring workplace’s critical leadership behaviors can earn a Caring Workplace Designation. Members of each organization become pioneers in a new era of leadership defined by care, service, and authenticity. We are excited to witness the positive changes this partnership will bring to each participating organization and community.

“With the invaluable support of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities, we at the Town of Snowmass Village have been empowered to conduct truly effective conversations. The Foundation’s training has significantly simplified the process of engaging in meaningful dialogues with our team members about crucial topics such as communication effectiveness, team efficiency, and community involvement. Being a part of this organization and the wider community is an enriching experience, especially considering that most of us have benefited from the comprehensive trainings provided by the Chapman Foundation,” Greg LeBlanc, Assistant Town Manager, Town of Snowmass Village.

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