Newly Vetted Gait Mobile Phone Technology Extends Biomarker Research and Clinical Access

SportGait's Patented BKGTM Gait Technology Validated Through Peer-Reviewed Process for Mobile Phone Use and Published in The Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology

SportGait, the brain wellness and medical technology company helping to detect, track and prevent concussions, proudly announced today that its patented BKG™ gait technology has been validated for mobile phone use and published in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology. This announcement comes on the heels of another peer-reviewed publication earlier this year in the Journal of Concussion that demonstrated BKG gait technology's reliability and accuracy, proving that it can create biomarkers and be used to predict concussion outcomes effectively. The company is also in the process of validating the technology for use in Parkinson's, Frailty, and other significant neurological conditions. 

The latest published study, Click Here, highlights that using a mobile device to perform SportGait's BKG  gait test produced results equivalent to those produced when performing the gait test with dedicated body-worn sensors.  The study covers both adolescents and adults. Data also indicated that gait sensors can detect prolonged recovery trajectories for concussed patients. The mobile BKG scores were evaluated using more than 4,000 individuals and achieved strong test-retest reliability across all gait metrics. This outcome is truly groundbreaking for SportGait and the use of its technology in clinical practice. Putting SportGait's unique clinically validated gait technology on a person's mobile device allows for ubiquitous distribution and enables remote patient monitoring. Historically, a major barrier to easy and effective clinical treatment of concussions has been the need for multiple in-person assessments. SportGait's mobile BKG test removes this barrier and enables remote patient monitoring and assessment without the need for in-person medical visits. 

"This new technology not only puts a powerful assessment tool in the hands of patients, but because it only takes 1-2 minutes to collect thousands of data points on gait, we are arming medical providers with considerable data to make more informed decisions," says Dr. Len Lecci, lead researcher on the study.  

"Our goal at SportGait has always been to be able to provide efficient, efficacious, and economical tools and resources to help individuals, families, coaches and medical providers make more informed decisions around head injuries and concussions. By bringing our BKG  technology to the phone, we're taking a major leap forward," commented SportGait President and CEO Chris Newton. "Our newly updated mobile application will turn any smartphone into an incredibly powerful tool for assisting with clinical diagnosis and treatment plans for head injuries, without the costs and hassles that come with specialized sensors. That means fewer trips to the doctor without sacrificing quality of care."

SportGait's patented technology uses data collected by a mobile device's accelerometers and creates BioKinetoGraphs (BKG), which are a visual depiction of a person's gait. Similar to the shape of a waveform, the graph-like displays visually correspond to different events during a gait cycle such as the foot hitting the ground or pushing off of it. The company recently released version 2.0 of its software platform, which included an updated mobile application and enhanced communication through its ecosystem to support patients both in-clinic and remotely.

About SportGait

SportGait is a concussion support and recovery system that offers a scalable platform for medical providers, coaches, and parents. Their array of assessments are best-in-class and research-backed with the goal of bridging brain wellness with medical technology. The scientifically developed system aids and educates users in effectively evaluating and monitoring concussions. A scientific review of the system is Click Here.  SportGait is a highly trusted source of medical technology and was chosen to be the enterprise-wide standard for concussion testing for one of the top five largest hospital systems in the U.S. For more information please visit

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Original Source: Newly Vetted Gait Mobile Phone Technology Extends Biomarker Research and Clinical Access
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