MTM Invests in Aging in Place Technology Platform TCARE

MTM, Inc., one of the nation's leading non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers, has made a substantial investment in TCARE, Inc. TCARE is a cutting-edge aging-in-place technology and analytics platform serving the elder care and disability space. The St. Louis-based TCARE, led by CEO Ali Ahmadi, offers a digital solution that aims to reduce family caregiver burnout and delay nursing home placement.  

The investment follows the 2022 announcement of a partnership between the two organizations. Through the partnership, aimed at proactively engaging older adults and their family caregivers, TCARE has integrated MTM's service network into its platform. Once the TCARE platform identifies the root causes of caregiver burnout, it pairs caregivers with targeted service providers within MTM's vetted network to reduce stress and relieve the burden of caregiving, while also closing common gaps in food security, transportation, and home safety. 

Since its founding in 2014, TCARE has become the only evidence-based, ACL-accredited, and CMS-approved family caregiver support program proven to reduce family caregiver burnout and help older adults age in place. Leveraging patented clinical protocol, the platform—in collaboration with a Certified Care Manager—suggests the most effective interventions tailored to each caregiver's unique circumstances and considerations. TCARE then utilizes a curated closed-loop referral system to provide referrals to organizations like MTM at the right time and the right place. 

"MTM is doing more than just investing in TCARE—we are investing in the future of the caregiving journey, a future that makes it easier than ever for caregivers to take care of their aging loved ones while also tending to their own mental health," said MTM's President and CEO Alaina Maciá. "We're proud to partner with TCARE to bring relief to caregivers, enable positive outcomes for older adults, and deliver results to our Medicaid and Medicare health plan partners." 

"MTM's vision aligns with TCARE's mission to be a singular solution for aging-in-place strategies," added Ahmadi. "Through its impressive transportation platform and nationwide network, MTM offers the most robust network of vetted service providers available to our consumers. We look forward to working with MTM to drive meaningful change in our communities and empower a healthy aging-in-place journey." 


TCARE's technology comprises state-of-the-art intelligent machine learning models, data prediction and analytics that pull Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data creating innovative LTC, LTSS, and MA population health risk management solutions. TCARE's solution partners with LTC/LTSS/MA risk-bearing carriers to identify risk, stratify risk, mitigate risk, and continuously monitor risk of facility placement of our elder loved ones to enable aging-in-place. 

About MTM, Inc.

MTM, Inc. is the nation's most trusted partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions. Since 1995, MTM has managed NEMT for state/county governments, managed care organizations, health systems, and other programs involving transportation for the disabled, underserved, and elderly. Leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve the user experience, MTM's services improve health outcomes, promote independence, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction.

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Original Source: MTM Invests in Aging in Place Technology Platform TCARE
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